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Which seat works best with an in-cabin dog? [JetBlue A320]

We returned to Seattle on a JetBlue Airbus 320, so once again I crawled around under my row of seats with a tape measure, and here are the results. This post is part of an ongoing series recording under-seat measurements of the various planes we fly on. Keep in mind that most domestic and international airlines have rules about the maximum size of in-cabin pet carriers they allow on board (see Dog Jaunt’s handy charts under the “Taking your pet on a plane” tab above).

JetBlue A320

An A320 is a good-sized plane, comparable in size to a Boeing 737 and holding about 150 passengers. JetBlue’s A320s have three seats on each side of the aisle. There is a bulkhead in front of the first row of seats, so you can’t sit there or in the exit rows. There is only one class of seats, so the following measurements apply to all of the rows.

Your best choices are the aisle seat or the window seat.  The middle seat has boxes for electronics on the top and on one side, leaving an available space of only 8″ tall and 16.5″ wide. By contrast, the aisle seat space measures about 9″ tall and 19″ wide, and the window seat space measures about 9″ tall and 17″ wide. All three under-seat spaces are about 17″ deep (that is, measured from front to back). [2/28/11 Perhaps there are different A320 configurations in the JetBlue fleet? Today we flew on a JetBlue A320, and although the result is still the same (choose an aisle first, window second, and there is no third), the measurements were slightly different. On this plane, the aisle under-seat space was 10″ tall and 19″ wide and the middle under-seat space was 7.5″ tall and 19.75″ wide. I couldn’t measure the window under-seat space, because my seat mate was already in place.]

However, consider stowing your carrier front-to-back, not side-to-side. I’m writing this note on 8/14/11, just after a recent couple of flights on JetBlue, in an A320. I chose an aisle seat, but because I wanted to pat Chloe during take-off and landing, I stowed her bag front-to-back (instead of my usual left-to-right). As you can see from the picture below, it didn’t stick out too badly (I was helped by the fact that my seat mate had a truly enormous pet carrier, so mine looked petite by comparison). I like having the option of stowing Chloe’s bag correctly, if a flight attendant makes a fuss, but given how well this worked, I might consider a middle seat next time. It would be nice to sit next to my husband on these flights, instead of across the aisle.

We chose the extra legroom option on these flights, so that’s why you can only see my feet, not my entire lap.


  • lauren


    I’m flying on Delta in 2 weeks with an approximately 10 lb corgi puppy. Delta and the 737-800 seem to have really small seat restrictions of
    13 L x 15 W x 10… 1/2….she doesn’t fit in the small sherpa and we got the medium which fits perfectly. I’m really nervous they aren’t going to let us on the plane because its not the exact dimensions. Any advice? Should I cancel and book on another airline? I dont really want to lose the $.

  • Hi, Lauren — If your pup fits in a medium Sherpa bag comfortably, you shouldn’t be the slightest bit nervous. We travel with the large SturdiBag, which is larger than the medium Sherpa, and have never had a problem with available space — and have always gotten on. The official Delta Sherpa bag, in fact, now that I’ve checked, is the same size as a medium Sherpa — no problem at all, then.

    Safe travels, and let us know how it goes!

  • Bruna

    Im traveling with my min-pin with Jetblue, i was wondering what brand, size and type has been accepted by the airline.

    Looking forward to an answer!

  • Hello, Bruna! All I can tell you about is my own experience — we’ve always used Chloe’s large SturdiBag on JetBlue, which may be (well, in fact, it is: too large for the airline’s official maximums, but has always worked well for us. That’s largely because the top of the SturdiBag is very flexible. We fly frequently on JetBlue, and have never had a problem. Here’s one picture of the carrier in action, and as I mention in the post, it would have worked even better oriented left-to-right:

  • Zahava

    I’m planning my first plane trip with my 10 lb Papillion mix. Your site is a godsend! Thank you for all of the wonderful information!!!!!

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