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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

I’m happy to report that this week a favorite blogger posted an article about a favorite city. Travelling Pets is a Canadian couple traveling in Europe with their Miniature Schnauzer — I love their posts, and I love Stockholm, so an article from them about dog-friendly Stockholm gets my vote.

I write a lot about flying with small dogs, but you can get your dog to Europe on a cruise ship if you’re willing to hock the house and book a passage on the Queen Mary 2. In an earlier post, I highlighted a blog written by a woman who took the QM2 with her Schnauzer named Pepper, and it had some good info about the QM2 kennel, but check out this post from Cunard for even more information (it too refers to Nikki Moustaki’s blog).

On this side of the pond, I have two options for you. Heather Davis of Her Nashville wrote a fun post about a doggy Valentine’s Day in Nashville, TN and environs, and wrote about dog-friendly parks and restaurants in Columbia, SC.

If you find yourself in a pet-friendly hotel, you’ll want to take a look at a two-part article from Go Pet Friendly‘s blog Take Paws. Part 1 summarizes a collection of comments people posted about the idea of pet-friendly hotels, and Part 2 sets out Take Pawsresponses and suggestions. Here again, the big point is that people can vote with their feet — if you have pet allergies or just dislike the idea of a pet-friendly hotel, you have a world of other choices — and that pet owners must (absolutely must!) train and exercise their dogs so that they are able to be excellent hotel guests.

This last link makes me want to go to NYC right now: The New York Times published a delightful article about Xoom, a smoothie shop in the East Village that offers a “paw shake” to its customers’ four-legged companions. The picture alone, of a very happy pit bull named Henry Hudson, is worth the click!