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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

I have a huge number of dog travel links to tell you about this week, so I’ll plunge in and hope that order emerges from the chaos:

It’s warming up in Seattle, but if you’re still shivering in New York, has an article you’ll want to see about indoor dog-friendly activities in the city, including indoor play groups, classes, and lounges — and even an indoor dog-friendly pool! Alternatively, you could travel across the world to Australia’s Sunshine Coastcheck out this report, with tons of great pictures, from Honey the Great Dane about Honey’s day on a dog-friendly beach and at dog-friendly places in Mooloolaba (north of Brisbane).

Down the U.S.’s East Coast, in Easton, MD, you’ll find dog-friendly graciousness at The Tidewater Inn — check out this intriguing report from The Chestertown Spy. And nope, I have no idea what an olfactory data transfer is.

While we’re on the topic of dog-friendly hotels, check out this useful overview from Paw Nation of the ten “most easily found pet-friendly hotels in America.”

Liberty Mutual’s website/blog, called The Responsibility Project and focused on what “responsibility” means, asked this week whether it’s “irresponsible to bring your cat, dog, bird or rabbit along in the cabin of an airplane when you travel?” This question typically yields a lot of comments from people who loathe the idea. Surprisingly, the responses here are uniformly pro-pet.

In a similar vein, Go Pet Friendly posted an inspiring piece describing a proposed pet travel code of conduct. No question about it — if dog owners followed these guidelines, a lot of the negativity dog owners sometimes encounter when traveling (or making plans for travel) would…just…disappear.

Speaking of making plans to travel, posted an important article describing changes to the National Veterinary Accreditation Program (NVAP) that will affect your ability to get a proper health certificate for your pet. Check with your vet and make sure that they are updating their accreditation!

And here’s how the other half does it: The Daily Echo reports that David Beckham paid PetAir U.K. some £2000 to have his new pet bulldog flown from London to Los Angeles, and that before departure the lucky pup was cared for by gourmet chef and family friend Gordon Ramsay., not to be outdone, reports that the Ramsays fed the dog “Aberdeen Angus mincemeat with Lincolnshire sausage.”

The last link knocked me sideways — how times have changed! Stetson University, about 35 miles from Orlando, is about to open its first pet-friendly dormitory this fall. Under the new policy, 36 students will be able to live with the (non-exotic) pet of their choice under 30 lbs. Why? According to the article, “studies prove students with pets are more likely to keep higher GPAs.”