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San Francisco Bay ferries with a small dog

Photo by Jerry Downs

Photo by Jerry Downs

There are several companies providing ferry services across and around the Bay. I’m happy to report that all of them allow small dogs in carriers on board.

The Blue & Gold Fleet, based at Pier 39 in San Francisco, runs shoals of ferries around the Bay. Their routes include sightseeing tours to Angel Island and around the Bay, and regularly-scheduled trips to Tiburon, Sausalito, Alameda/Oakland and Vallejo (here’s a map of their routes). Their (pet) dog policy varies by route. Dogs are not allowed on the Angel Island route (which makes sense, because dogs aren’t allowed on Angel Island). “Animals in hand held carriers are allowed on Vallejo Baylink Ferry Service and Alameda Oakland Ferry Service vessels,” and leashed dogs are allowed on “Bay Cruises, Sausalito and Tiburon ferries.”

East Bay Ferries has a couple of main routes. One connects Alameda, Oakland, San Francisco’s Ferry Building, and SF’s Pier 41 (with seasonal extensions to Angel Island and AT&T Park). Small dogs in carriers are allowed on board: “Special assistance and/or animals in hand-carried containers are allowed on the Alameda/Oakland Ferry.” The second route connects Bay Farm Island (just south of Alameda Island) with SF’s Ferry Building during weekday commuter hours. A customer service representative confirmed in a phone call that small dogs in carriers are also allowed on the Bay Farm Island route.

Golden Gate Ferry “operates frequent ferry service between San Francisco and Larkspur in central Marin County, and between San Francisco and Sausalito in southern Marin County.” In a previous post, I reported that Golden Gate Ferry allows small pets in secure containers on board.

Vallejo Baylink Ferry connects the Vallejo Ferry Terminal with San Francisco’s Ferry Building and SF’s Pier 41. The ferry subscribes to the City of Vallejo public transit pet policy:

Customers may transport small pets on City of Vallejo Ferries and buses in a completely enclosed cage or carrying case that is small enough to fit on the customer’s lap. The animal must not endanger or annoy other customers. Pets are allowed on all City of Vallejo Ferries and buses with the following conditions:

  • The pet must be in a carrier or portable kennel – Not on a leash or in a lap.
  • The pet is non-disruptive (no barking, growling, constant whimpering, etc.)
  • Should the pet become disruptive during the voyage the crew shall direct the pet owner to move the pet to the utility room for the remainder of the voyage.

The Red & White Fleet, based at Pier 43½ in San Francisco, operates a variety of pleasure cruises in and around the San Francisco Bay. A customer service representative told me in an e-mail that small dogs (“about the size of a Chihuaha”) in carriers are allowed on board.

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