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Off Leash iPhone app now owned by Eukanuba

Back in April I wrote about a free iPhone app called Off Leash that used your current location to show you the five nearest off-leash dog parks. It had flaws, but its authors planned to add more off-leash dog parks in Version 2.0. Instead, they sold it to Eukanuba, which has gussied it up and plans to update it more frequently. A blogger who works in consumer relations for P&G Pet Care has posted a useful summary of the improvements Eukanuba’s made to the app, and of the things she’d still like to see changed.

The app’s list of dog parks still isn’t comprehensive, and you still only get a list — no descriptions or reviews of the parks are provided. However, it’s still free, and with funding from Eukanuba behind it (and your support! send in the names of dog parks you know about and it doesn’t!) it has a good chance of becoming an even more useful resource than it already is. Download it from the iTunes App Store (here’s the direct link).


  • Bev

    Howdy! I am that employee of Eukanuba that you quoted in your post. Thanks for noticing my blog posts (FYI–I moved my blog from Blogspot to WordPress in early July, but the link you have posted will still work). We did our first update to Off Lease around July 13 (details are here:, and there will be more updates in the future. Lots of folks are using the email functionality to let us know about dog parks that are not listed. I don’t know if dog park reviews or descriptions are on the list of things to do, but those are both really good suggestions!

    BTW–You have an excellent blog!

  • Hi, Bev! How great to hear from you! I’m so pleased to learn about the mid-July update — I love it that Eukanuba is planning to add dog parks to the app in frequent updates. And thank you for the praise — I’m a beginner at blogging, and I appreciate the support.

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