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iPhone app: Off Leash

If truth be told, I love my iPhone nearly as much as I love Chloe, and here’s another reason why: The Casual Game Network has an iPhone app called Off Leash that uses your current location to show you the five nearest off-leash dog parks. When you click on the entry for a park you’re interested in, the application gives you driving directions. Only U.S. dog parks are listed, but TCGN plans to add off-leash dog parks in other countries “in the upcoming months.”

Version 1.0 is currently available, and although it’s not perfect (the list of dog parks isn’t comprehensive, and what you get is only a list — no descriptions or reviews), it’s useful and convenient — and free. TCGN reports that they have submitted Version 2.0 to Apple for approval, and the new version will add 400 more off-leash dog parks to the app. Users are invited to submit names of additional off-leash parks, and with more input, the app will only become better.

As I mentioned, it’s free — which is always nice, though I’d be happy to pay for a version that gave me some descriptive information about the individual parks. Download it from the iTunes App Store (here’s the direct link).

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