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Outward Hound dog walking bag

Photo by Kyjen

Photo by Kyjen

I don’t need another dog walking bag — I’m happy with my OllyDog Walker and my Walker Arm Gusset — but I’m a sucker for dog gear, so I bought the Outward Hound Hook-Anywhere Leash Bag anyway. I’m glad I did — it’s a nice alternative to the Arm Gusset, and it’s well-made and well-designed.

A carabiner clips it onto a belt loop (or onto the leash handle, though things hanging off the leash annoy me). Two pockets hold poop bags and treats, and a lanyard with a clip holds your house key (put the key on an O-ring first, though — the clip won’t easily fit through the end of your key). The only thing I can find to criticize is that poop bags really won’t dispense out the bottom slot. Not a big deal, though, to undo the Velcro flap and lift the roll out when you want it.

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