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JFK T5 pet relief area

T5 pet relief area

T5 pet relief area

We flew on JetBlue from Seattle to JFK this morning, and had the pleasure of seeing Terminal 5 (or “T5”) for the first time. Very sleek, good stores and restaurants, and, at the baggage claim level, easy-to-follow signs to the easily-located pet relief area. Glorioski! The pet relief area is right next to baggage carousel 6 — in fact, where carousel 7 would be, if carousel 7 existed. It’s pretty large and completely fenced, with a single gate. The ground is covered in soft wood chips. There are poop bags, trash cans and two blue fire hydrants. There are a couple of benches for humans. I’m still reeling at how easy it was to find. Go JetBlue!

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We’ve returned to the T5 pet relief area since May 2009, and it remains well-maintained and pleasant. On a recent trip (in May 2011), I took Chloe for a walk near the pet relief area, and sighted a grassy patch. Here’s how to find it, in case your dog insists on grass. Walk down the parking lot, away from the terminal. The surface will change from black asphalt to gray concrete. At the end of the concrete parking area, you’ll see a pair of gates. If they’re open, you can make your way across the airport roadway to a couple of grassy areas you’ll see outside a parking structure. Bring poop bags with you (pick them up at the pet relief area or use your own).

This post is part of an ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas we’ve visited. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Cynthia

    I flew through JFK with an assistance dog in Jun 2010. It was an okay pet area, unfortunately outside of security. So make sure you have a fairly long layover (if you are using it as a layover stop), especially if you are also going through customs. And the customs there refused to let me and my assistance dog on an elevator. Fortunately he’s a small dog and I could carry him down the escalator, but I was extremely upset when they refused me an elevator!

  • Wouldn’t let you on the elevator, Cynthia?? That’s so bizarre — service dogs are often bigger dogs, and can’t be carried, and an escalator is dangerous for them to be on.

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