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Product review: OllyDog Olly Tote, an around-town tote for a large small dog

Not long ago, reader Alexandra asked for suggestions for an around-town tote for Bella, her small Cocker Spaniel. Bella is slightly bigger than Chloe — about 14-15 lbs., about 13 inches high at the shoulder, and about 16 inches from neck to tail. Like Chloe, therefore, Bella is in that tricky “big small dog” category — theoretically convenient, but actually a little too large for most small-dog carriers.

Alexandra was interested in the Elite Kaba carrier I profiled about a year ago  … Read more

Product review: Kyjen’s Outward Hound Eco Carrier

Photo by The Kyjen Company

I was given this carrier at last week’s BlogPaws conference — it was the “bag” part of the swag bags we received — and moments later, the Eco Carrier saved my bacon. I hadn’t yet acclimated to Denver’s altitude, and suddenly realized that I didn’t have it in me to walk back to our hotel, so we shoved Chloe into her brand-new carrier and hailed a cab.

I’ve since learned that Denver cab drivers don’t require  … Read more

Wagwear’s Boat Canvas Carrier for a small dog

Chloe in her Boat Canvas Carrier (Large)

Wagwear sells beautifully-made dog gear online and in its tiny New York store. Their stuff has the same good-quality, preppy appeal of the L.L. Bean catalog, but in a higher price range. We’ve bought their Quilted Vest and a collar for Chloe made of braided cord, inspired by those braided rope bracelets you buy at the beginning of the summer and wear until they fall off your arm. And we bought the “Boat  … Read more

Chloe’s tote: Organizing your dog’s stuff

Looking at her checklist, you can tell that Chloe travels with a lot of stuff. And her stuff comes in small pieces, like toys and rolls of poop bags and tubs of eye wipes and packets of treats. Without some way of keeping things organized, your hotel room or guest room or car will quickly get messy, and the thing you want at any given time will never be at hand.

My solution is a tote bag. (I love totes, so  … Read more