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H2O4K9 reprise: The smaller water bottle

Just over a year ago, I reviewed H2O4K9’s gorgeous new water bottle for dogs. I loved some of its features, particularly its flat bottom and the way it can be hooked onto a belt loop or bag with a carabiner. On balance, though, it didn’t convince me to change over from the Gulpy dog water bottles we’d been using. Since then, H2O4K9 has come out with a water bottle targeted at small dogs, so naturally I had to buy one.

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H2O4K9: A fling with a water bottle

In one of my earliest posts on Dog Jaunt, I praised the Gulpy dog water bottle as a simple product that does its job really well. It does, but, you know, nothing is perfect, and when I caught sight of H2O4K9’s exciting new dog water bottle I lost my head and ordered one. For one thing, I really love dog gear I have a clear duty to my readers to report on new products. And the Gulpy does have a  … Read more