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Biking with a dog

Biking with a small dog: Walky Dog Low Rider

In an earlier post I talked about options for carrying your small dog with you on your bicycle, including bike carriers and backpack carriers. Now one of my favorite manufacturers, PetEgo, has come out with an attachment for its Walky Dog Bicycle Leash that allows it to be used successfully by small dogs. The Walky Dog Low Rider attaches to the rear axle of your bicycle, unlike its predecessor, which attached just below a bike’s seat and positioned the leash  … Read more

Waterbite portable water for dogs

Waterbites are packaged portions of a beef-flavored hydrating gel for dogs that can be stored at room temperature for up to 18 months. Water slops out of bowls, but this gel stays put — and it’s 95% water. It’s ideal for dogs traveling in crates in a plane’s cargo area, but it’s also a great idea for dogs accompanying hikers and bikers. Take some along on your next boat trip or car trip, as a back-up in case you run  … Read more

Biking with your small dog

Maybe you want to visit Block Island with your small dog and you don’t want to make a reservation months in advance to take your car on the one ferry that accepts cars — but you still want to travel around the island. Or maybe you just really enjoy biking, and wonder if you can bring your new love along with you. Whatever the scenario, at some point you’ll find yourself with a bike and a dog that can’t, let’s  … Read more