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Biking with a small dog: Walky Dog Low Rider

In an earlier post I talked about options for carrying your small dog with you on your bicycle, including bike carriers and backpack carriers. Now one of my favorite manufacturers, PetEgo, has come out with an attachment for its Walky Dog Bicycle Leash that allows it to be used successfully by small dogs. The Walky Dog Low Rider attaches to the rear axle of your bicycle, unlike its predecessor, which attached just below a bike’s seat and positioned the leash so it could really only be used by large dogs. The new attachment would work well for a dog Chloe’s size or even smaller. Be sure to attach the leash to your dog’s harness, not her collar!

Now the trick will be to teach your small dog to use the Walky Dog safely, and to gauge how long she can run beside you before she wears out. Take it slowly — she’s a small dog, remember — bring lots of water, and keep an eye on her for signs of over-exertion. Consider bringing a bike carrier for your dog as well, so if your dog reaches her limit before you get home, you can chauffeur her.


  • Edie

    This leash arrangement looks like a good idea, but I wonder if the tug of a large dog such as the one shown would throw a rider off balance or pull the bicycle toward oncoming traffic.

  • Isn’t it clever? PetEgo only says that the product is easy to use, but a competitor (maker of the K-9 Bike Jogger) has a useful FAQ here that answers your question: (Apparently, if you weigh more than 40 lbs. more than your dog, your dog’s mass or speed will not affect your forward movement.) I haven’t tried one yet, and probably won’t with Chloe (who doesn’t need this kind of intensive exercise), so I don’t have a personal report to give.

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