Dog Jaunt's new pet travel book is now out! Buy it, or learn more about it here. And please review it on Amazon!

Celebrating Chloe’s birthday with the release of Dog Jaunt’s book!

That’s right, there are two reasons to smile today — Chloe turns five (5), and Bone Voyage, Dog Jaunt’s brand-new book about traveling with your pet, is now available on Kindle!

Next on the to-do list is getting it to you in other e-book formats, and in publish-on-demand paper copies, but we thought we’d start with Kindle.

Don’t have a Kindle, but do have some other device (laptop, phone, tablet)? You can read Kindle books on just about anything, it turns out, and the app is free (I installed it on my own Mac, after getting the green light from my careful geek husband).

What’s inside? I cover the best dog-friendly destinations, finding pet-friendly hotels and places to eat, and the logistics of flying, driving, and taking trains, boats, buses, etc. with your pet dog. I devote a chapter to “the three pees” (preparation, paperwork, and packing), and I worry with you about the things that can go wrong — and offer solutions. There’s more info about the book on Dog Jaunt’s new Books page.

I’m very happy with it, and I really do believe you’ll find it useful. At about 175 pages long (our estimate — Amazon thinks it’s about 122 pages), it’s a good balance between detailed and succinct. If you love it, please post a review on Amazon — those stars and comments are vital to a book’s success!

I’ll leave you with one of the very first pictures we took of Chloe, when she (almost) fit in my husband’s hand. Happy Birthday, Chloe!!