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Dog Jaunt’s second anniversary!

It’s been two years now since I hit the “publish” button on my first Dog Jaunt post. Since then, I’ve written over 550 posts (and some of you have written posts for me!), and I still haven’t run out of things to say about traveling with a small dog. Happily, too, I still think that traveling with Chloe is way more fun than traveling without her. Our most ambitious trip with her to date, to Paris for a two-week visit, was Chloe’s first trip abroad, and, hands-down, our best trip ever to the City of Light. Visiting with Chloe made me and my husband feel a little like we were locals, prompted us to walk even more than we usually do around a city that rewards pedestrians with beauty and interest at every step, and brought us into contact with lots of pet-owning and pet-loving Parisians. We noticed The Chloe Effect most vividly in Paris, but we feel it wherever we go.

What else happened this past year? I pulled up my socks and got Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page going, and now over 300 of you have “liked” it. Thank you so much for your comments on the blog and for your posts and comments on the Facebook page — they provide encouragement and information to people who are considering making their first big trip with their dog, and I love hearing your thoughts and seeing your pictures.

I also posted Dog Jaunt’s first-ever video report, which was a hoot, and spoke about dog travel on the radio and in my first-ever podcast — also great fun, but a bit nerve-wracking.

In the coming year, I hope to post more video reports — I’ll keep them short, and I promise to provide text as well, for those of you who don’t like video clips. I have an iPhone app in mind, and I hope that this year Dog Jaunt will start earning its keep through ads, etc.

Two years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into — thank you for all your help and support, and for your company!