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Tub faucet adapter for washing your dog

2004 Utility

Photo by Homz

No matter how short the trip, Chloe invariably becomes filthy at some point and requires a bath. Most of the time, it’s no problem, since nearly every place we stay has a shower — and with a small dog, a shower’s all you need. Pick her up and hold her under the water until she’s wet, set her down and lather her up, then pick her up and rinse her off. Easy! Every so often, though, we encounter a hotel room or a house that has a tub, but no shower. Washing a dog in a tub is a pain, so we’ve added to Chloe’s travel checklist and packing list a shower head on a hose that slips over a tub’s faucet and converts it to a handheld shower. It’s inexpensive and not terribly bulky — and it sure beats wetting your dog down and rinsing her off one mugful of water at a time. [5/15/13 I’ve removed the link because the product I bought is no longer available. Look in the comments below for a link to an alternative currently available on Amazon — sadly, it has very mixed reviews. (If that link doesn’t work, I suggest doing a search on Amazon for “tub faucet adapter.”)]


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