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Dog-friendly restaurants

Seattle dog-friendly restaurant: Monsoon

We had yet another superb brunch yesterday morning at Monsoon, the high-end Vietnamese restaurant in Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, but this time we had Chloe with us. Dogs are welcome on the patio in front of the restaurant — our server brought her a chef’s prep pan of water, along with our beverages — and it’s a comfortable spot for man and beast.… Read the rest

Eating in a restaurant with a dog

This used to be part of Dog Jaunt’s “About” page, when I planned to provide you with a list of restaurants where we have eaten with Chloe concealed in her messenger bag (or out of her bag, with a wink from the management).Read the rest

Dog-friendly restaurants: Chowhound

Chowhound is one of my favorite websites — it’s a collection of regional “boards,” where people post questions and suggestions about great places to eat. Find the region you care about, then type in your query in the search bar directly above (“Search this board”).… Read the rest