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Photo Friday: Chloe, relieved that Bone Voyage is getting good reviews

Chloe’s been a bundle of nerves since the book was published (I’m talking about Bone Voyage, the new Dog Jaunt book — read all about it here and buy it here!). You know how high-strung Cavaliers can be — and by now, the Cavalier owners among you know how much I’m lying….

Truth be told, I’ve been a bundle of nerves, but no longer. Four people have left reviews on Amazon as of this afternoon, and they’ve all been very positive. Phew! But the fact is, a picture of me looking relieved wouldn’t be as adorable as this:

In point of fact, Chloe’s just out cold after a particularly long and squirrel-filled walk.

Out cold after a particularly long and squirrel-filled walk

Thank you so much to Kate, Jenna, Jackie, and aecnyc for your Amazon reviews. Please keep them coming, good people! They’re easy to post, and they mean the world to a book’s success. And please let your friends know about Bone Voyage!


  • Galahad and Yvaine

    Sooo… I find myself in need of some pet travel advice. But it’s not advice about traveling _with_ my pet–would you have anything about this in the book? Bristle is not a pet who can travel as a carry-on; he’s probably about 35 lbs. And we’re not in the same place. Due to a family illness, I need to take over care of a dog who’s currently across the country.

    Galahad’s severe cardiac condition makes it really, really tricky. I don’t think we can leave him in someone else’s care to go get Bristle and drive home. Galahad needs low stress and meds; he has to be cared for in a relatively quiet environment, with familiar people, who can make sure that he gets ALL of his meds on schedule.

    …the only people who could probably do it are already in the same place as Bristle, for the same reason that we urgently need to take over his care. Bristle could possibly travel back with one of them, but not in the cabin, and I do not trust airlines to ship pets in cargo. And he kind of needs to come NOW.

    The other option, a road trip taking our dogs with us, doesn’t seem any better in terms of stress. I have some doubts about Galahad’s ability to handle a road trip that long, with different stops every day. It would be even more difficult for him when there’s a dog he’s never met in the car for the return journey.

    So. Do you know anything about SAFELY sending a dog from New Mexico to Florida, and what would be the best way? Our only concern is making sure that a dog, who’s about to have his life uprooted, at least gets here with minimal stress and no mistakes.

  • Argh, G&Y, that IS a dilemma, and I don’t have a good answer for you. It used to be that you could turn to Pet Airways, but they folded a while ago. I think I’d consider hiring a courier — perhaps your buddies where Bristle lives could interview local pet sitters, or even solicit offers through Craigslist and interview the people who respond? There has to be some young person with a good driving record and a kindness to good dogs who would drive him to you and then return, for a fee.

  • Galahad and Yvaine

    Ah, sigh. Thanks very much. I was _really_ hoping there was still something around similar to Pet Airways [when I went looking for it before I posted this comment, I found the website was gone]. Something. Something established and professional and _known_ to be reputable.

    I do appreciate the response.

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