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Photo Friday: Chloe on the hook

The Dog Jaunt devotees among you will already have seen this in Dog Jaunt’s Twitter feed and Instagram feed (Chloe is everywhere!), but this picture has Photo Friday written all over it:

Slightly anxious about her situation, yes, but overall rolling with it.

Slightly anxious about her situation, yes, but overall rolling with it.

She’s in the SturdiProducts Incognito carrier, by the way, and if you look at my review post, you’ll see that she’s made a lot of progress tolerating it. Not a content pup in that picture, though maybe she was just objecting to how her coat clashed with the maroon.

Hope you and your pup have good plans for the weekend! And that you’ll send pictures of the trouble you get into together…. 😉


  • Galahad and Yvaine

    I’d just like to mention, again, how intensely envious 🙂 I am that you get to take Chloe so many places. Neither of my cocker spaniels would put up with a lot of what Chloe does (and of course they’re a touch bigger).

    Galahad thinks it’s below his dignity to be carried. And he is SO beautiful, a gleaming blond buff cocker spaniel, that he catches everyone’s eye. He gets all of the attention anywhere we take him when dogs are permitted. Nooooo stealthiness here.

    Yvaine very, very noisily wants to meet EVERYONE. I have had her about two years now, and so I don’t think it’s going to be possible to break her of that short of cruelty (which is, of course, out of the question). We think she was pretty isolated before she was dumped for her allergies [a backyard breeder, my guess, mostly alone in a backyard]–so at least she took the “I want to meet EVERYONE even if I can’t learn the idea of boundaries” route instead of the “I am terrified of EVERYTHING” route.

    Still, noisy. She copes well with being carried and with being crated and with being stuffed into small spaces, but goodness, the noise. She sounds like it’s raining hot coals on her, or something. “Yipe yipe yipe yipe yipe!” Every time she spots any new living creature, from people, to other dogs, to cats she knows will swat her, down to toads. And it doesn’t _stop_ until she gets to meet them. …we sometimes just wait outside at the vet’s, especially if there are dogs that the owners indicate would not appreciate meeting her.

    But she’s a happy munchkin. With her background she could just as easily have turned into a fearful and unhappy dog, so hey. A little noise is ok. It just means she will NEVER be stealthy.

    So yeah. I would so very much love to take them more places. I think it’s awesome that you can take Chloe with you so often.

  • Your pups sound adorable, G&Y — and you’re so right, all over you like a cheap suit is WAY better than fearful. It sounds, too, like they’ve found exactly the right person to share their lives with!!

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