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Tacoma, WA: Rich in scoop law sign options

When I’ve got my groove on, I spend a couple of days each week in Tacoma, a city about 40 minutes south of Seattle, helping a couple of artist friends in their studios. T-town gets insufficient respect, largely because of the stink created (only rarely these days, I gather) by its waterfront paper mill, but I think it’s swell. I could mention its architectural gems, its support for local artists, or its delightful mayor, but today I’m focusing on its wealth of scoop law signs.

You’ve seen two of them already in an earlier post. My friend Chandler, who I’ve told you about before, sent me a third via Twitter:

If you think you’ve seen this one before, you have — it turns out to be the same sign they use in Rhinebeck, NY. I’d struggled to identify what the owner is holding (cattle prod? fireplace tool?), but Chandler instantly recognized that it’s a golf putter.

On a recent trip to check out the restored Old Town Dock, we walked along part of Commencement Bay (the Ruston Way walk is about 2 miles long; leashed dogs are welcome, and we saw several folks playing on the beach and in the water with their dogs). This sign met us as we left the parking lot:

Nope, no questions. That pretty much covers it.

Nope, no questions. That pretty much covers it.

But the best one of all was sent to me yesterday by my Tacoma friend Jessica. The sign had me smiling (that’s a GSD, sure, but still, isn’t a shovel extreme?) even before I noticed what Jessica calls the “hand embellishment”:

Surely -- oh, surely -- it's not, but it does look very much like the real thing....

Surely — oh, surely — it’s not, but it certainly looks very much like the real thing….

She assured me she wasn’t responsible (“no, not my doodywork!”), so all I can do is salute an unnamed Tacoman with an eye for detail — and thank Jessica for improving my whole week.

I’m adding this post to Dog Jaunt’s scoop law sign collection — to see others, click on the “scoop law” tag below this post, or type “scoop law” in the search bone.


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