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CapeFLYER train to Cape Cod is pet-friendly

Summertime has ARRIVED on the East Coast, I hear (still mild and lovely in Seattle, folks — I just mention it), so my eye was caught by this article in the New York Times about the CapeFLYER, a new train whisking people from Boston to Cape Cod and cooling breezes. “Whisking” is a relative term — when there’s no traffic, driving will take significantly less time than the train. But when there is traffic, and at this time of year, there always is, the train wins (the scenery! the not driving! the free wi-fi!).

Photo by CapeFLYER

The planners have coordinated with the local bus lines that serve Cape communities, so when you arrive in Buzzards Bay or Hyannis you’ll be able to proceed to your destination. The CapeFLYER also coordinates with certain ferries to Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

Good news, right? And here’s the best part of it: The CapeFLYER allows small pets in carriers on your lap (at any time, since the rules speak of “rush hours“), and leashed bigger dogs during off-peak hours.

About those connections, you’re asking — can I bring my pet onto those bus lines and ferries? Click on the name of the service (or the short summary that follows it) and the link will take you to its pet policy:

Not such good news from the bus lines for owners of larger dogs, true, but at both Buzzards Bay and Hyannis, cars can be rented , and there are limos and taxis available (for links, see this FAQ).