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Chloe’s Clicks: This week’s best dog travel links

It’s just a glorious day here in the Pacific Northwest, and, fittingly, this week’s clicks are a bouquet of cheer and inspiration. The first one is from the PNW, in fact — Go Pet Friendly hosted a great guest post about staying at the former officers’ quarters of Fort Worden, just outside Port Townsend, a drive and a ferry ride away from Seattle (remember the movie An Officer and a Gentleman? yep, that’s the place). Four of the little houses are dog-friendly, and when you’re sick of the gorgeousness there, you can poke around lovely Port Townsend.

A view in Port Townsend (photo by Robert Sanzalone). The Palace Hotel, a former bordello, welcomes small pets.

Their guest post may have highlighted the PNW, but Team Go Pet Friendly is actually in Texas, and they posted this report from Marfa, an extraordinary artist’s colony in an otherwise quiet part of the state. Return to the West Coast to check out Have Dog Blog Will Travel‘s recommendations for a dog-friendly visit to California‘s San Luis Obispo County (three counties north of Los Angeles, and the home, among other things, of some seriously good wineries). Veering northeastwards, Montecristo Travels visited the eye-catching Hog’s Back Park and Falls in Ottawa, which looks like a great place for a walk and a picnic.

And that’s it for North America. All the rest of the links are an ocean away, starting with some recommendations for dog-friendly boutique hotels in Spain (treasure them — every dog-friendly tip you can find for Spain is precious), and specifically in Granada, Sevilla, Ávila, Valencia, and Cáceres. Speaking of Spain, reader Laurel has arrived in Barcelona with her sweetie and Lilly, their Jack Russell Terrier, and she’s writing tempting and picture-laden blog posts about it. Here’s the main link to Inspiring Moments — scroll back to May 2, then move forward from there (well, scroll every which way! but the Barcelona posts are May 2 and following).

And then it’s over to the U.K., by way of the island of Jersey, where Phileas Dogg‘s Vee and the Travelling Bear spent a week consuming ice cream and going on walks. Arriving on the mainland, the first stop is the dog cemetery at Edinburgh Castle. The second link is old, but new to me, and how can I pass up telling you about a book of dog-friendly walks in Derbyshire and the Peak District?

Manfully resisting the temptation to segue to the next link by suggesting that you sail to the U.K. (just look at how I resisted doing that!), I merely suggest that you check out this post on Something Wagging This Way Comes about how blogger Pamela is helping her dog Honey get comfortable with some of the alarming things she’ll encounter when they start sailing together. And when you return from your own voyage, return to a home with a dog-friendly garden, with help from this sensible Mother Nature Network article.