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Photo Friday: Puccini in Italy

A couple of weeks ago, I posted two pictures of Italian scoop law signs sent to me by reader Gail. When I thanked her for them, she sent me a couple of pictures of her pup Puccini (who, like Chloe, is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weighing about 13-14 lbs.), and kindly agreed to let me post them on the blog.

Here’s Puccini, enjoying the view from Gail’s rental in Umbria:

I…just…this picture leaves me speechless.

And here she is on the red sightseeing bus in Napoli:

Still speechless. Those eyes! The paw!

Gail told me, “We were out walking around the city that day, and on the spur of the moment decided to ride the Hop-On-Hop-Off bus. When the ticket seller saw Puccini, she said that Puccini would have to be in a ‘trasportino’ or dog carrier. I told her that, unfortunately, we did not have the carrier with us at the moment — she looked at my husband’s small lightweight daypack and said that if we could manage to get most of Puccini in there, it would be fine. So we did, and that’s the photo of Puccini looking rather perplexed about the situation, but happy as always to be with us for the adventure!”

Adaptable, willing, and good-natured, that’s our Cavaliers. Thank you so much for the enchanting pictures, Gail, and have fun in Lucca! (That’s where Gail and Puccini are now — take a look at the recent posts on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page and you’ll see a picture of Puccini in Lucca, at the feet of a statue of…Giacomo Puccini.)