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Pet relief area at Greenville, SC’s Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP)

Southwest flies into the Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport, so I chose to fly there for a recent trip to Asheville, NC (the scenery between Greenville and Asheville was so lovely that the hour and a half drive felt much shorter). There is no mention of a pet relief area on GSP’s website, and when I inquired at the airport police station, I was told just to use one of the many patches of grass outside.

You’ll deplane on the upper level of the airport. Walk towards baggage claim (which is on the same, lower level as the ticketing counters) and descend the escalator. In front of you, you’ll find this water feature:

Bottom of the escalator in the lower left corner of the picture

Over the boy’s right shoulder, you’ll catch a glimpse of your destination — the flagpoles and outdoor fountain across the airport roadway.

Flagpoles visible between (indoor) palm branch and (outdoor) wheelchairs; fountain visible to right of red bus in the background

Turn left, and then exit the terminal by the door across from the United and U.S. Air ticketing desks. Cross the street, and you’ll find lovely swathes of grass around a clump of three flagpoles and, beyond, around the outdoor fountain.

No problem walking across this airport roadway -- it's small, and there's a well-marked crosswalk.

Be sure, of course, to bring your own poop bags. The airport is tiny, so leaving and re-entering through security, if Greenville is not your final destination, should take very little time.

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