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Giveaway: SturdiProducts’ Incognito pet tote ($65 value)

Last Friday, I posted a review of the Incognito tote from SturdiProducts. It’s a roomy tote — roomy enough, in fact, to hold your dog, her leash, and a small purse’s worth of your own gear — and it’s remarkably discreet. I bought one for myself, after posting the review.

Photo by SturdiProducts

SturdiProducts sent me the tote in maroon (“Bordeaux,” they call it). It costs $65, so I am obliged by my own rules to give it away. My thanks to SturdiProducts for their generosity in sharing their product with me, and in agreeing to let it be given away to a Dog Jaunt reader!

How To Enter

One lucky reader can win. If you would like a chance to win, leave a comment with your idea for a great in-town thing to do with your small dog before 11:59 PM PST on Monday, July 2, 2012. Please fill in the e-mail field of the comment form (your e-mail address isn’t shared with anyone, and I will not send you e-mail unless you win).

Announcing the winner

I will choose a winner randomly and announce the results here, on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, and in Dog Jaunt’s Twitter feed on Wednesday, July 4, 2012.


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  • M

    I love to take my dog browsing at the Harvard Bookstore. The employees there are super friendly and love to give him treats.

  • Gigi

    I’ll assume in-town for me is wherever I am at the moment, in which case: my favorite in-town thing in Edinburgh is to walk stretches of the Water of Leith walk. It’s in the middle of the city, but it’s surrounded by greenery and nature. Totally wonderful.

  • Emily

    My pup, Hannah, and I are moving from San Diego to the Upper West Side and this bag seems like the perfect way to sight-see in our new home! And with plenty of room for Hannah AND my sunscreen, it will be great for day trips out to the beach when we’re feeling homesick!

  • Liz Jorgensen

    I love to take my dog to Friday Night Live. It’s downtown Waukesha, Wisconsin. There is live music, lots of dog-friendly people and there are always doggie treats and bowls of water!

  • Adam

    Every dog loves a walk along water of some form, right? The summer is a great time to visit those fountains, rivers, and other waterways in your area! Of course, you shouldn’t let your four legged pal have a drink unless you know it’s safe to do so 😉

  • Betsy

    I love to bike around the monuments in DC with my dog in my Muttmover (which I bought after reading a review on Dog Jaunt, by the way), and then take pictures of him as a “Flat Stanley”
    in front of them.

  • Theresa

    I love to take my dogs out for walks on the water, I live in a beautiful waterfront city in southern Ontario. We love to enjoy our time at the beach and eat on the patio of a local cafe!

  • Kate Wille

    We’re currently in Belgium, so we love to take our dogs to local canal walking paths where they can “chase” the birds and bark at everything that moves.
    Great giveaway!

  • Amanda

    I love taking Wrigley to Malibu Bluffs Park, in Malibu. There’s a great loop for walking, lots of grass for him to sniff and play on, and gorgeous views of the ocean and of Pepperdine University. I also like taking him to Mayor’s Park, in La Canada. Though it’s not technically an off-leash park, it’s fully fenced in, often completely empty on weekdays, and the perfect size to give a small dog a good run.

  • Yvette

    No matter how Seattle cliche it is, walking around Greenlake is still my favorite to do with my dog – and we always end at the dog friendly coffee house whose name I’m forgetting that sells me a cup of tea (iced or hot) and gives Ceri a biscuit.

  • Jennie

    My dog Scout – a Lhasa Apso – and I enjoy strolling the streets of Manitou Springs CO. There is plenty of dog friendly shops and dog friendly restaurants to walk to! Scout really enjoys meeting the locals and sitting outside in a cafe. There is always music playing and it is so nice to get outside for the day!

  • Heather Shepley

    After an early morning walk into town, which means strolling along the beach while Jack looks for seabird feathers, we stop at an outdoor cafe for my breakfast and his doggy bone.

  • Bonnie Coffin

    Bella and I LOVE to go shopping together. She is so funny, I now have her in my oversized purse and I go into all the stores with her. Most times they don’t even know she is in there until we get to the cash register and she pops her little head out. She loves to go to the pet area of the stores and sniff out her new toy. She and I would LOVE to have this new bag.

  • Jennifer

    On weekend mornings, my husband and I like to walk our dog to Georgetown and visit one of big dog-friendly parks. Afterwards, we would find breakfast/coffee somewhere with an outdoor patio on Wisconsin Ave. Our outings typically end with all of us hopping into a bus, with the dog in the OllyDog Tote (which works well but the straps are too short for my husband’s shoulders), to take us home!

  • bruin

    we are regulars at albany bulb just north of berkeley–there’s amazing ever-changing art and at one point you’re surrounded by water on three sides, it’s incredible and so relaxing.

  • Joan Moore

    If I had a stealth bag I wonder if I would have the nerve to take one of my dogs to a place where dogs aren’t allowed. I have read that the author Amy Tan takes her yorkie everywhere, even to the San Francisco opera. I would never do that, but we will be in Paris this fall and I could take one of my boys everywhere with me.

  • Andrea

    We enjoy taking our dog to the local minor league baseball games. We live in Louisville and 2-3 times a season they have dog days where everyone is welcome to bring their dogs no matter the size. Our dog loves being out with her parents and getting to puppy watch!

  • Lisa

    I would take my beagle mix, Oscar, to the dog bakery here in Nashville TN! There are many of these bakeries and they are just so cute! I would spoil him with some extra treats so that he would enjoy his Sturdibag we use it to go on the airplane to visit his “dad, grandparents, and uncle!” Your posts have helped me plan for trips with my dog so much! Thank you!

  • Toni Pasquariello

    Great in town guant on a breezy summer New England day with my toy poodle baby Arielle in tow, open air fruit and vegetable marketing , then off to a outside bistro for coffee and nosh…after that off to see the tall ships and browse the shops at Mystic, and then a nice stroll along the beach ( baby comes out to walk now).

  • April

    The great thing about Portland is that “most” local businesses that don’t serve food will allow you to bring your small dog inside. So my dog goes with me to run errands. He’s been to the cobbler, the mall, the farm stand etc. And the stores often have treats for dogs.

  • Vivian C.

    We live near Cambridge, MA. We like to take our Cavalier to the Fresh Pond Reservoir in Cambridge. The path is partly shaded, chipmunks will scamper past you, and there’s a small dog beach for dogs to swim in!

  • Megan Costello

    One of my favorite things to do with my small dog is to go to outdoor concerts. She loves laying on the blanket with me, and having her own little picnic. She is quiet and well-behaved so she is always welcome at the outdoor concerts and theater events in my town.

  • Kelly in Oregon

    I love taking my two small dogs (poodle mix and lhasa apso) anywhere I can! Off the top of my head, my favorite things are any sort of “festival” time things that I find on – Doggie Dash (OHS fundraiser), Bark for Life (dog version of Relay for Life), Canines Uncorked (wine tasting with activities for your dog), etc! They love it!

  • Patty Ross

    A nice walk along the Harbour Passage is our favourite in town thing to do. A 3.5 lb Papillon gets lots of attention along the way:)

  • Susan

    My pup and I live in the heart of Manhattan (super dog friendly city!) and there’s a ton of fun things to do with your dog in NYC. We have plenty of leash-free (gated) dog parks, dogs are welcomed almost everywhere, except supermarkets and inside restaurants, which means you can usually dine at most restaurants with outdoor seating. We usually start our adventure with shopping in SoHo (for me) then we hit up Petsmart on Broadway & Houston St (for the pup), we make our way up to Union Square and visit the dog park there, followed by a walk & shop thru the Farmer’s Market and we make a stop at Petco on 17 Street. There’s plenty of restaurants around Union Square with outdoor seating, so we have some dinner before walking thru Washington Square park before heading home. By the end of the day, we’re all tired and happy! =)

  • Jade

    My Yorkie and I love to go to an outdoor mall near where we live in Northern CA. There are lots of grassy areas for her to sniff and run around. We enjoy walking down the streets together. When I need to go into a store to shop, I’ll put her in a tote bag where she loves to watch people walk by. There are also many pet friendly restaurants, and a pet store where we can shop together.

  • Gery Osowiecki

    Alfie (Rat-terrier mix) and I love going into Mill Creek (a small community north of Seattle), where after walking the trail, a mandatory stop at the Paddywack Pet Shop, and a little bit of window shopping, we usually settle down for either a coffee (for me) and a pastry or ice-cream (to share) at the Spotted Cow, or if it’s happy hour, we settle on the patio of McMenamins for a beer (for me) and a burger (to share). Did I mention that both Alfie and I are under strict orders from our respective doctors to lose weight 🙂

  • Hope

    My little guy and I most love agility trialling together! There’s nothing so fun as watching my Dunc fly over the dogwalk with a big grin on his face. We just started to fly to trials this winter, and now we have lots of towns to explore together!

  • Lena L

    I love taking my 4 1/2 lb Yorkie, Lucy, shopping with me. Most people who see her little head sticking out of my purse think she is a stuffed animal until she moves. This bag looks like it would be more comfy for longer days out and about.

  • Kate

    Bearly and I love to go shopping at home improvement stores where he travels in a chest pack. He is the best ice-breaker for cool conversations with strangers. We even found ourselves singing along with a little girl one night in Home Depot! Who remembers White Coral Bells?
    He’s my first pup, and less than 7 months old, so he’s not up to long treks with my hiking group, yet. Now that we’re in the height of summer, it’s become clear that we will be getting a bag like this so he can still go; just can’t leave him in a car in weather like this!
    Just can’t believe how totally smitten I (formerly strictly a cat-person) have become over this little bundle. And I’m SO grateful for you and your readers who’ve really made this adoption super easy. Thanks.

  • Ashley

    I love to take my dog everywhere with me! I love to go to dog friendly restaurants. But I also like to take her shopping with me. The bag I have now she fights to get in because she loves to go with me so much. I think my favorite dog outing (in a place she wasn’t “supposed” to go) was when she went with me to the movies!! She’s always so quiet and good in public, but her bag is fairly obvious and I would love to have a more discreet one!!
    -Ashley and Somi the Parti Yorkie!

  • Melanio Flaviano

    Apricot loves going out in the car. But outdoors is his favorite event especially when joining us for brunch at one of the several pet friendly places in San Diego like Empirehouse Urban Plate in Hillcrest. He has never been fed any human food so he behaves himself while we eat. He only barks to greet other dogs.

  • Mary Ellen

    My shih tzu Firenze would love this bag! We bought a sturdi bag that you reviewed for a flight we are taking to Germany next year (we’re getting him used to it first). This tote would be a great addition to our travel and everyday life so I can take my fur baby everywhere!

  • Kate Hailey

    I would take my little Maltipoo Toby out to the playground with my little 6-month old boy. There is a wonderful duck pond I think they’d both love, but we never can go with our furry friend because dog’s aren’t allowed! I’d let Toby stick his head out to enjoy it and be incognito!

  • Catie Rhodes

    The Mercer Arboretum and Botanic Gardens (in Houston) allows dogs as long as they are kept on leash. Owners are expected to clean up after their dogs. It’s a beautiful place, a real haven within the city. My husband does photography as a side business and as a hobby, and it’s always fun to make an outing of it with a picnic afterward. (Not this time of year when the days are 100+ degrees, of course.)

    Thanks for the giveaway. It’s so neat that you have them.

  • cecilia hallberg-jönsson

    i would highly recomend a visit to my hometown stockholm, the beautiful capital of sweden. me and my darling yoko, a 10 lb mixed breed from spain, usually just stroll around town looking at people or play in one of the many dog-friendly parks. she’s such a social dog and always wants to come along. being a spanish girl though, she’s not always to happy about the swedish weather and a tote like this would definitely make the walks so much more cosy for her during our long winters.
    /cecilia and yoko

  • Beth

    Just adopted a 8.5 lb lovable mutt! We travel a ton though. So far your blog has been very informative. In town with new pup? How about a stroll downtown to the classic car show? This bag would be great for the hotels we stay in though!

  • Jennie

    Favorite thing to do with my small dogs? We like to go to Mia’s Pizza in Bethesda. We sit at the outdoor tables, and Bo and Tip each get a chair. They sit happily on their chairs (a nice fine wire mesh) while we eat dinner, drink wine, and watch the world go by. The staff bring over water bowls and dog treats and coo over them. Including Mia, the chef.

  • Christin

    We haven’t had our mini schnauzer puppy long, but we love to take him to any of the outdoor restaurants in downtown St. Augustine. There are a lot of pet friendly patios with water bowls and treats for all the pups. We look forward to exploring more of the area with our new pup 🙂 I would love to win this carrier, I have been looking for one like this since we got him and this one is just perfect!

  • Megan

    Love to take my 1 year old peek-a-poo out for walks on nature trails in our hometown but this bag would be perfect for travel since we are planning to move across the country next year!

  • Alex

    I am blessed to live a few miles away from the beautiful city of Benicia, California. If you ever find yourself in the area with your dog, you have endless opportunities for fun. I personally love walking through our local state park/wildlife preserve on warm spring mornings to catch glimpses of wild quail and pheasant and their young bustling about, while my pup and I take advantage of their endless and challenging hiking trails. My other favorite activity is to take a leisurely stroll down the historic main street in Benicias downtown area that is full of dog friendly restaurants and boutiques. Perhaps the dog gems of Benicia are the two off-leash dog beaches at the end of the main street (First street) where you can play fetch with your dog while watching boats sail by as you watch the sun set under the Carquinez bridge.

  • Kristen

    I live in downstate IL and often visit my family up in Chicago. Most tall buildings in Chicago that are older and not apartments don’t allow pets. I brought my 1 year old maltipoo (Piccolo) up to visit my parents the first few months I owned him last summer. But one night we got caught carrying him up in the dufflebag I used by the doorman who follows the building rules to a tee.

    I’d love to use this bag to actually bring my dog with me when I visit my family instead of always having to board the little fella. I know in Europe a lot of people use bags for their pets that look like this one and I always loved the idea. Hopefully I can have Picco with me in Italy on my next visit and do the same thing there, too!

  • Twylla

    I love to walk the trails of Tryon Park with my dogs. I usually take one of them with me when I run errands (not so much now that the weather is getting warmer) and we walk the loop around our small downtown area.

  • Chelsey

    If i had a better around-town tote, I would take my miniature schnauzer, Ellie, with me to Manhattan more often or to the farmers’ market or my CSA pick-up (which I usually ride the bus to and from). She could finally visit Central Park!

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