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Photo Friday: Henry, contemplating world travel

This week began with a wonderfully thorough reader’s report from Susan, who researched the heck out of the requirements facing travelers who are entering the U.S. with a pet. I thought you’d like to see the pet behind the research:

Though I adore Chloe, and I know that my life will be, as Dr. Seuss says, Cavaliers all the way down, there are times when the idea of a dog half her size is very appealing. All good wishes to Susan and Monsieur Henri as they prepare for their travels, and I hope they’ll keep us posted.

I also hope you’ll share what you and your dog have done together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all see them!

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  • Susan

    Aww, I don’t know what took me so long to come back here (I was keeping track through Facebook mostly). But my baby is a star! Thanks for all the glowing praise too. My sleepless night compulsively researching at least may benefit someone else.

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