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Photo Friday on Dog Jaunt: Dog travel pictures wanted!

This is Dog Jaunt’s first-ever Photo Friday! My plan is to make this a regular post that includes dog travel photos I’ve taken (or found) and links you post to your dog travel photos, wherever they’re located on the Web.

Why would I do that? Well, pictures of traveling dogs are generally a hoot, and everyone appreciates a reason to smile.  Also, seeing pictures of people enjoying themselves while traveling with their dogs is likely to encourage more dog travel. Someone who’d like to bring their dog along on a trip, but wonders if it’s feasible or fun, can look at these pictures and be inspired.

Why should you join in? Like I say, everyone appreciates a reason to smile. It’s also a fun and legitimate way to increase traffic and linkbacks to your site or page.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Every Friday, I’ll put up a post like this one, sometime during the morning (Pacific time).
  2. On Friday you post a dog travel photo on your site. If you don’t have a site, post your photo to Flickr (or Facebook!).
  3. If you’re writing a blog post, link back here to the current week’s “Photo Friday” post so that your readers can see other great dog travel photos.
  4. Enter a link to your page or your blog post in the form at the bottom of my post. That way, Dog Jaunt will link back to you. Please include a few words in the “Link Title” box describing where you took the photo.

I’ll get things rolling with an extreme example of dog travel — check out this video of a pair of pilots and their dog in zero gravity:

P.S. This dog, of course, should have been properly strapped in with a harness or in a secured container.

P.P.S. If you do a Google search for “photo friday,” you’ll see that lots of sites post pictures or host photography challenges on Fridays. I first saw a Photo Friday in action on my friend Debbie’s wonderful family travel blog, called DeliciousBaby.