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Pet relief area at Baltimore Washington International Airport (BWI)

According to the airport’s website, BWI’s pet relief area “can be found at the end of Concourse E near the International Terminal, adjacent to the light rail station.” Happily, the light rail station is easy to find, because there is literally no signage for the pet relief area until you reach the exit door. [8/7/13 In 2013, BWI added a second pet relief area, and it’s more centrally-located. Here’s a reader’s report about it.]

Here’s what you do: Walk down to the baggage claim level, turn right, and walk to the end of the terminal. You’ll pass the last baggage claim carousels (13 and 14) and you’ll keep walking. You’ll walk all the way through the international arrivals area. You’ll walk, in fact, until you run out of building, at which point you’ll find yourself in front of Door 19.

Door 19 — see the pet relief area sign to the right? That is the only sign for it inside the terminal.

Exit Door 19, turn right and follow the signs for the pet relief area around the corner. Here’s what you’ll find:

And here’s a better picture, looking back at the pet relief area and at the path you walked up to get to it:

The area is partially fenced. There is a patch of grass and a patch of gravel. There is a poop bag dispenser and a trash bag, both on a green pole. There is a bench.

It’s perfectly pleasant, in fact (though I prefer a fully-fenced area, and it lacks the water faucet that the best pet relief areas have). It is, however, a heck of a long walk from anywhere but flights arriving at the international concourse or at the D gates (currently Cape Air, Continental, Delta, Jet Blue, United, and U.S. Airways). If you’re on other airlines, you might be wondering about alternatives. There are some, but they are tricky (indeed, a bit dangerous) to get to. Walking back to the Southwest concourse from the official pet relief area, I noticed a thin strip of grass across from Door 10:

There’s another strip of grass across from Door 8:

And there’s a third strip of grass across from Door 4:

The problem with all of these alternatives is that they are across the airport roadway, and you’ll be taking your lives into your own hands (and paws) crossing over to them. It’s not impossible, and if you’re in a rush it may be necessary, but please be careful. And, of course, be sure to clean up after your pup.

I looked for alternatives on the ticketing level as well, but there’s nothing useful up there.

This post is part of an ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas we’ve visited. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Wendy S.

    Thanks for this. It was very helpful. I was nervous about traveling with my new pet but your photos and instructions let me know what to expect. We ended up using the area across from door 4. The speed limit on the roads is 15 mph, there were crosswalks marked on all but the last one and traffic was light. It worked great. Thanks again.

  • C. Nilles

    Pet relief area at BWI…..the thin strip of grass area is also accessible from Baggage Claim #12 and #13….
    You do have to cross 3 lanes of taxi and bus traffic but depending on time of day and there are clear crosswalk markings……it should not be a problem. There is no fence nor poop bags available and your dog MUST be leashed because you are inches away from the road……but in time of need its handy.

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