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Chloe’s Clicks: Dog travel links we liked this week

This week’s links are a real grab-bag — all over the map, and lots of different topics, but all fun. Here we go:

Pet Airways brings us not only pet-only flights (now also to Omaha, Atlanta and Phoenix) but also write-ups of pet-friendly activities in areas served by the airline. This one, by guest author Arden Moore, describes a variety of great dog-friendly activities and places in Ventura County, CA.

Farther north on the California Coast, Bay Area Hiker has posted a useful list of dog-friendly Bay Area hikes. Love it! Thanks to @allaboutpaws for finding it and tweeting it!

Switching coasts, Dogtopia of Alexandria posted a tempting article about taking a dog-friendly walking tour of historic Alexandria, VA.

Heading farther east, all the way to England, I learned this week about Bark ‘n’ Ride, offering dog-friendly motorhomes for hire in England and beyond (Ireland and Europe require an additional insurance premium). Take a look at the dog-friendly features of the motorhomes — they really seem to have thought of everything. Chloe doesn’t need all those features, but a bigger dog does. Love the idea, even if it means simultaneously mastering driving an RV and driving on the left side.

Finally, complete your spin around the globe in Hong Kong, where Mr. Know-It-All of HK Online offered his thoughts on some dog-friendly places to eat in the Central and Western District of Hong Kong (the reader who asked for recommendations also offers some of his own).


  • Edie

    I would be terrified to drive a small car in England but the idea of the RV has its appeal; there’s lots of protection in a vehicle that large! 😉

  • Mary Haight

    I’ve got to comment on driving a RV in England as it gave me the willies:) While convenient and certainly far more comfortable than a car, those country roads and town/village roundabouts can be so tiny that it’s like threading a needle with oncoming traffic,especially on bridges–yikes. Guess I’m a chicken! Love all the safety features! The non slip floor, ventllation, gate and harness are great!

  • You’ve RVed in England?! How cool! (And yes, how terrifying.) Can you share any details about where you went, or are the memories still too horrifying? 😉

  • GoPetFriendly

    Need to join this conversation! One thing an RV has going for it – only other RVs and tractor trailor trucks are larger. So, generally speaking, most traffic is going to yield to the RV (we hope). And I’m with you Mary … there’s something about driving on the left side of the road that scares the beeJesus out of me. Thankfully, Amy does most of the driving!

    When we were shopping for our RV, we attended one of the largest RV shows in the Northeast. It seems that pet friendly features on US RVs have not caught on. GoPetFriendly is looking forward to advancing this cause when we start our travels.

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