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Making a reservation on Allegiant with an in-cabin dog

This is just a quick post to highlight a recent change in Allegiant’s pet policy. In another post, I’ve mentioned the problem you sometimes run into when you make your plane reservation on-line: If you’re not able to add your pet to your reservation on-line (and most airlines don’t yet allow you to do that), you run the risk of calling to add your pet to your reservation and learning that all the spaces for in-cabin pets on your flight are already taken. If you call to make your reservation, however, you may pay an extra fee, and potentially forego mile awards for booking on-line.

Airlines handle the problem in different ways, but Allegiant’s policy now says: “To book a reservation with a pet, please contact the Allegiant Reservation Center and use option 1 and tell the agent you are booking with a pet. The per segment Booking Fees will be waived.”


  • Hanna at Dog Products

    I have a need to fly overseas a few times a year and I always encounter huge problems when attempting to take my little Shih Tzu boy along.

    I will refrain from naming them here, but some airlines only pretend to allow dogs within the cabins but when it comes to actually making the reservations (via phone, of course) they always seem to be overbooked. I suspect that they claim to provide such service for PR purposes but they actually don’t.

    I tested my theory out when calling and asking to make a reservation with a dog and quite literally went through every possible day on the calendar. Their response was always, “Sorry, not available.”

    I am now resigned to leave my pet dog at home when traveling by air and that will persist, I’m afraid, until such time as airlines straighten up their act.

  • Hanna, that’s dreadful! I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve had no success getting your dog a place on a plane for your overseas trips. So far, we’ve only traveled internationally once with Chloe, on United, and the process was straightforward. I do hope the next time you try will be the charm.

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