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Reader’s report: Victoria, B.C. airport pet relief area, Air Canada under-seat spaces, and keeping Truffles content in her carrier

This should have been in this past week’s Chloe’s Clicks, but mistakes were made. Remember Truffles, featured (with a chunk of coconut) in a Photo Friday post a short while ago? She and reader Patty made their way from the Bahamas to British Columbia recently, and I want to share three things from their report.

Victoria, B.C. airport (YYJ) pet relief area

First, they sought out the pet relief area at the Victoria, B.C. airport (it’s actually located about 15 miles north of Victoria, near Sidney-by-the-Sea) and posted a great description of how to find it, along with useful pictures.

A picture from Patty’s post, of the Victoria, B.C. airport pet relief area

Be sure not to miss Patty’s picture of the “Animal Relief Area” sign, which threw me into hysterics — particularly given how reluctant Truffles was to use the facilities at all, at any time during her journey.

Improving Truffles’ in-flight experience

Please note Patty’s brilliant idea of comforting Truffles by sticking her foot into Truffles’ carrier during flight. (Truffles does fine in her carrier when she can poke her head out, but otherwise “had delusions that she was hog-tied and suffocating.”) Cheese bits, provided on some, but not all, of their flights, also helped. I passed on to Patty another reader’s suggestion to bring string cheese packets along for en route comfort.

Under-seat space on Air Canada flights

Finally, Patty posted some helpful pictures and notes about the under-seat spaces she and Truffles encountered on their flights — specifically on an Air Canada Dash 8 (-300 series), an A319 and an A321.

I’ve added this to Dog Jaunt’s collection of under-seat plane measurements and to Dog Jaunt’s collection of reviews of airport pet relief areas. Thanks, Patty and Truffles!