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Photo Friday: A senior dog and his family

My husband and Chloe and I were out on a walk when we encountered this family and their fleet (well, there were two) of strollers. One held a very young child, wrapped up for the cold, and the other, larger stroller held a senior dog curled up on a thick plaid blanket. I found it very moving that they had made such an effort to include their companion in their outings. And he was by no means a small dog — some kind of medium-large Husky mix, was my best guess.

A family of several adults, a child in a stroller, and this senior citizen in a stroller

A better blogger would have gotten the name of the stroller they were using, but at least I had the presence of mind to ask them for a picture. Here’s a link to a page on the Just Pet Strollers site that lists several similar strollers for larger dogs.

I’d love to see your pup, and hear what you’ve been up to together this week — please post your photos on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page so we can all enjoy them!


  • Gray

    That is a great idea! And yes, very moving. But they’re members of the family, and God knows dogs love to go on walks with us. There’s nothing sadder than seeing them get to the point where they can’t any more. This is a great way to allow them to continue to do so. I love it.

  • Me too, Gray. My first reaction to pet strollers is always a snort, but then I remember how useful they are for handicapped or mobility-impaired dogs, and I stop snorting right away. (Wish I could just skip the snorting step!!)

  • mike

    not a day goes by without me missing my old dog, Loretta. She was the pride and joy of our family! the dog in the photo reminds me of her. thanks for the post!

  • Hi, Mike! I’m glad the post brought back good memories of your Loretta (which is a marvelous name). The pets we lost most recently are a couple of antique cats, so it’s a stretch to see them in this photo, but I do remember the feeling of wanting to be with them as much as possible in the time they had left.

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