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Chloe’s Clicks: Last week’s best dog travel links

What can I say? The holidays got ahead of me this time. Better late than never, though — you wouldn’t want to miss these links.

It’s all about the snow, this time of year, so you won’t be surprised that My Pet News has five pet-friendly ski resorts for you to consider, from Vermont to Wyoming (and then north to Lake Louise). Also consider two inns, one in Connecticut and the other in Ohio: The Interlaken Inn in Lakefield, CT reported that they’ve just added a pet-friendly room to Sunnyside, a restored Victorian building (the Woodside building is also dog-friendly); and Bocci’s Beefs raved about a stay this past summer at the Inn at Cedar Falls, in Logan, OH (for more details, read the article they wrote for the current issue of Fido Friendly).

Alternatively, you could just go to Rome and Milan. That’s what our friends Diane and Cosmo, of To Dog with Love, are doing — here’s Diane’s post about the prep work she did to make sure that Cosmo could travel to Italy comfortably (and legally!). As an alternative, how about Turkey? Here’s a marvelous post from How to Travel with Pets that walks you through the prep work you need to do before traveling to Turkey, and describes the kinds of resources that are available in Turkey for travelers with dogs. I particularly appreciate Anil’s overview of the place pet dogs and cats occupy in the Turkish culture.

Changing gears, here’s a hoot of a post from a college student traveling, recently, on a Southwest plane carrying an in-cabin dog (as well as a number of in-cabin infants). It made me laugh and wince at the same time. Traveling with a dog really works best with a dog that can handle it comfortably…

And finally, here’s another Teddy Hilton celebrity picture — this time, it’s singer and actress Brooke Hogan arriving at LAX with her pup in a Sherpa carrier. It makes me happy when celebrities follow the rules (though opening the carrier inside the airport isn’t actually allowed).