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Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: New pet-friendly hotel/casino on the Strip

Things change, and that’s a fact. By chance, I took a look today (5/10/14) at the Cosmopolitan’s pet policy, and it’s a little different than reported below. Now, the hotel charges a $50/night pet fee, and dogs up to 25 lbs. are welcome (for more details, click on the link).

When I wrote this post in August 2010, it was entitled “Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas: New hotel/casino, not pet-friendly” — I had called the Cosmopolitan, which was slated to open later in the year, and learned that it would not be welcoming pet dogs. How surprised and pleased I was, therefore, to receive a reader’s comment in December 2010 (below) telling me that my information was wrong! I called the Cosmopolitan back this morning, and learned that the hotel is indeed pet-friendly: Dogs (one per room) under 20 lbs. are welcome, and although the hotel charges a one-time $250 pet fee, $200 of that fee will be returned if your room is left clean and undamaged. My thanks to reader Jen for bringing the policy change to my attention — it’s great to have another pet-friendly hotel on the Strip, and so well-located.

Original post: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, slated to open this December, will be located next to the Bellagio and across from the Paris. It’s part of the Marriott Group’s Autograph Collection, and promises to be a glamorous addition to the Strip. I confirmed this morning, however, that it only allows service dogs through its doors.


  • Edie

    I’ve gotta say, it makes sense for Las Vegas strip hotels *not* to be dog friendly. I would imagine the ka-ching of the slot machines would be sensory overload for most dogs, and I can’t think of a Strip hotel where you don’t have to walk through a casino to get to the elevators to the guest rooms. The resorts off the Strip might be pleasant but I can imagine even the mellowest dogs freaking out and bolting and knocking over gamers — and their drinks.

  • You’ve got a good point there, Edie. The Four Seasons, which is on the Strip and is pet-friendly, doesn’t have a casino. I haven’t been to THEhotel, but it sounds pretty elegant — I’m guessing that you can get to its elevators without going through a Mandalay Bay casino. Casino noise knocks me back on my heels — I’ll bet you’re right that it would do the same, and worse, to a dog!

  • Sage

    We hopped by to say hi. Toby & I aren’t small dogs but we’ve gone several times to the Oregon coast and stayed in hotels that love dogs. We even stayed in a house on the coast that thought dogs were pretty special! But we’ve never been to Las Vegas. That sounds pretty fancy.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Sage — I’m loving the pictures on your blog! We live in Seattle, so I always love hearing about good dog-friendly PNW hotels — if you get the chance, tell me about the places you and Toby really enjoyed!

  • Fiona and Abby

    Hi! We came here via the Blog Hop and are happy we did! We are very spoiled, in that Mom and Dad bought a House With Wheels (a motorhome) so that we could travel with them, and now Mom and Dad don’t go any place where they can’t take us and the House With Wheels. We’re quite happy with that arrangement!

    *kissey face*
    -Fiona and Abby the Mutant Alien Pod Puppy

  • Jen Winters

    Hey Guys!
    You are WRONG. The Cosmopolitan DOES allow pets, in fact they welcome them with open arms. Get your facts straight. They even feature pets in their commercials, and I confirmed it with their concierge that they love pets. (I think up to 25 pounds) Our baby is only 8 lbs. So I think I was cheering so loud upon hearing this great news, that I didn’t pay attention to the “poundage”. At last! All pet lovers – before this our only option was the Four Seasons, which don’t get me wrong, doesn’t suck, but Oh to actually have a new place in Vegas? Yay!

  • Hello, Jen — Thanks so much for your very useful comment! As you’ll see, I called the Cosmopolitan this morning, and updated my post accordingly. How nice it is sometimes to be wrong!

  • David Rasmussen

    The Cosmopolitan does allow pets… but at a premium. We were going to bring our 2 small dogs (<10 pounds each). They charge $50 per dog per night.
    Instead stayed at the Rio for $95 total per night – no extra charge for pets (though deposit required).

  • Mark

    For those who’ve stayed at the Cosmo.. Are small dogs allowed inside the pool area if they are leashed and next to you on a lounger or chair? Have heard mixed info on this and trying to clarify. Thanks! Website says no dogs in pool areas, but on the phone they do say it’s permitted in certain areas of the pool.

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