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Photo Friday: Cooper’s new car seat

Blogging, I’ve learned, can be a bit lonely — I hit the “publish” button, a tree falls in the forest, and I wonder if anyone hears…. As a result, I cherish every comment people write about my posts, and I spend a really unconscionable amount of time on Twitter, making contact with other dog/travel enthusiasts. So you can imagine how excited I am when someone actually Takes My Advice — or maybe you can’t. Boy, I’m excited. This week’s picture is of the truly charming Cooper, in his new car seat (a medium-sized Snoozer Lookout I recommended by, yes, me! in a guest post on Will My Dog Hate Me? just over a week ago). Cooper is a Maltese/Yorkie mix, and his human is the proprietor of, which offers every kind of dog footwear you can imagine.

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  • KK

    I’m reading and taking your advice! I purchased the felted ball you recommended and my Havanese is obsessed with it. Its his favorite toy. I love your blog!

  • Oh, KK, that’s so nice to hear! Thank you for your comment. I’ve had to buy another one of those felted balls, because Chloe doesn’t quite get the whole bring it back and drop it for another throw concept — instead, you have to persuade her to drop Thing 1 by showing her Thing 2, and she won’t drop her felted ball for any other Thing 2….

  • Heather

    I’m reading and following your advice too! I guess it’s hard to know whether people out there are passively following your recommendations.
    My dog, Rufus, is a miniature poodle and he’s about the same size as your Chloe. He’s exactly 12″ at the shoulder, but he’s a lean 8 pounds.
    We recently bought a large Sturdi-bag and traveled across Canada (and back again) by air with him. We also use the Sturdi-bag in the backseat of the car every day when we run errands together or go to doggie daycare. It was such a great recommendation that this morning I ordered another Sturdi-bag for my father in law’s smallish dog along with a seatbelt tether to go along with our Canine Friendly harness that we bought on a whim one day a while ago. We love the Canine Equipment/Friendly/RC pet products lines. They make really decent gear.
    So there! Your advice can be so awesome that I will follow it exactly. For me, it’s really nice to know where I should start spending my money, and where I might be better off leaving the product on the shelf. Rufus is the perfect size for me, but he falls in that weird place between small and medium. It’s so awesome that you’re hitting publish, I’m totally out here listening 🙂

  • Heather, this is the nicest comment I’ve ever gotten. It may well be the nicest comment I’ll ever get. Thank you so, so much. I love it that you and Rufus are traveling together so much!! Send pictures!

  • Elizabeth

    Little Cooper looks just like my Baxter! Baxter’s a full Yorkie, but nobody believes me because he’s HUGE (well, 9 pounds, but that’s big for the breed) and his ears are floppy. I’ve been going back and forth and back again on which car travel option is best for him, but after this post I’m going to do exactly what Cooper’s family did. Is it sad that I’m so heavily influenced because of a resemblance to my dog? Good lord.

    p.s. I second the comment about the SturdiBag. Ours is simply wonderful for all sorts of travel, and I can’t wait to test it out on an airplane. Best thing I ever bought for my little guy.

  • Hi, Elizabeth! Goodness, your comment made me laugh. I think you and Baxter will like the Snoozer — I certainly hope so! — and I hope you’ll send me a picture of whatever solution you choose. The SturdiBag is our favorite too, though you (like me) might like to have a Sleepypod Air in your arsenal, for those times when you think your plane’s under-seat space will be limited. (And no, I don’t get any kickbacks from Sleepypod! :)) I just love it that you’re traveling with Baxter — LOVE it.

  • Elizabeth

    We just got the SleepyPod this afternoon! When Bax gets back from daycare I can’t wait for him to try it out. We also booked a flight to NYC in early October, which will be the first time I test out my SturdiBag/SleepyPod combo (putting the SleepyPod in our roll-on suitcase in case a grouchy flight attendant nixes the SB). I’ll DEFINITELY let you know how it goes!

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