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Photo Friday: Keeping your dog cool in the car

Chloe and I were driving home to Seattle from Vancouver this past Sunday, and I realized after a few miles that she was panting — although there’s an A/C vent for the right rear passenger seat, and the car was cool, she was still heating up in the sun. I pulled over and installed the sun shade I’d bought just for this purpose, long ago at Target:

Go, Diego, Goal! Notice how Chloe's snoozing, not sitting up and panting? I call this a win -- never mind that the shade itself will poke your eye out, it's so gaudy.

When you’re driving around this summer, keep an eye on your dog. Even in a cool car, if she’s in the sun, she may be uncomfortable.

This particular shade attaches with two big suction cups at the top, and two little ones at the bottom. I’m still looking for a sun shade that doesn’t attach with suction cups. These worked fine, but looked unreliable, and Chloe would jump out of her skin if the suction failed.

Did you and your dog travel anywhere together this week? I’d love to see your pictures — please post them on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, so we can all enjoy them!


  • Hanna at Dog Products

    Roads become unbearable crowded during Father’s Day weekend in our part of the world so my dog and I just took extra long walk around the lake in a nearby park.

    When we do go on car drives, I simply roll up the rear windows with two bath towels hanging over them. This provides the shade my dog needs on hot sunny days and there is no danger of them popping out and either scaring him or worse, pocking at him.

  • I like the idea, Hanna — low tech, inexpensive, straightforward — except for the part where the towels block my view out the passenger window. The good thing about my ridiculous sun shade and its relatives is that you can see through them to your blind spot.

  • Montecristo

    When you find one let us know!! and we will too I assure you … Just got a booster seat! The sunshade is next but we don’t want to have one that looks like we have a child on board. Our car has tinted windows so that helps. Good advice as always Mary-Alice.

  • Christi

    I use the Eddie Bauer Cling Sun Shade. There are 2 in a box. I easily fold them up and then “cling” them to the window when needed. I store them in the glove box in a ziploc bag.

    The only downside is that the window needs to be CLEAN for the shade to stick.

    Plus is that there are no suction cups!

    I’ve used them multiple times driving from Philly to chicago with the girls in the back.

  • Thanks so much, Christi! I’ll try it — clean is a bit of a problem, but I try to carry a box of Windex wipes, so hopefully that’ll do the job.

  • Loki & Kissi's dad

    i was just in a locol autoparts store (Orielly,s) and they have sunshades just like yours but it also has clips that go on the top of your window then you just roll it up. the bottom still holds in place with a suction cup but it wont wind up unless you push a small button on the end.

  • Loki & Kissi's dad

    Christi try wetting the window then aplying the tenting to the wet wind. It sticks the plastic and the water or windex evaporates out. It also wont harm the plastic tenting. Thats how we put on those tinted banners that go across the top of windshields.

  • Sounds great! I couldn’t find anything like that on O’Reilly’s site, but your description is good enough that people could go in to their local store and see if they carry it.

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