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Photo Friday: A dog jaunt on Stockholm’s historic tram

This week’s photo was taken almost three years ago from Stockholm’s Strandvägen, an elegant waterfront street stretching from Nybroplan to the English Church and the embassy quarter. What a gorgeous boat! No wonder the dog on deck is keeping a watchful eye on the photographer.

Walk along Strandvägen, or take the historic tram (No. 7 Djurgården line) to Djurgården, the island home of a wonderful collection of museums, parks and historic buildings. Pet dogs are allowed on Stockholm’s buses, trains and trams if they are leashed or in a carrier. The customer service rep I corresponded with told me that on modern trams, there is a symbol on each door telling you if pet dogs are allowed in that part of the tram (a dog x-ed out with a red line means that pet dogs are not allowed in that car). On the historic trams, which are smaller, an allergic passenger may require you to wait for the next tram (if the tram has more than one car, change cars).

Get off soon after you cross the Djurgårdsbron bridge, just past the huge Nordic Museum, and walk up Rosendalsvågen to the Ulla Winbladh restaurant. Dogs are not allowed inside, but they may sit with you while you eat at the outdoor patio. Stockholm is full of marvelous restaurants, but Walter and I returned to Ulla Winbladh again and again for delicious food in comfortable, lovely surroundings.

Photo by Let Ideas Compete

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