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Dog eye protection while biking, motorcycling

photo-8I thought that dog goggles were a gimmick until I read that search and rescue dogs wear them to protect their eyes from debris and toxic substances. I realize that Chloe’s not going to be in that kind of environment, but she will be biking with us, and some dogs ride motorcycles or scooters with their owners, and in situations like those (lots of wind and road grit) a dog’s eyes need to be protected. So I bought a pair of Doggles dog goggles for her, and they arrived today (she got the shiny red frame with smoke lenses, in a size Small). They’re well made, they fit perfectly, and she doesn’t seem to mind them a bit.

Road grit and bugs often smack into my glasses when I’m biking, and motorcyclists wear goggles (or glasses, or a visor) — it just makes sense for dogs to wear them too. And you’ve got to admit she looks good.