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Another collapsible dog bowl, Martha-style

In an earlier post, I reviewed a number of collapsible bowls and recommended ones that work well for small dogs. If you’d like to make one instead, Martha Stewart has directions and templates for you. In fact, she also provides a two-part video showing you how it’s done, starring Martha and actress Kate Walsh (click on the first two “Video” links, located just under the picture of the completed bowl).

A two-part video is necessary, it turns out, because the bowl is kind of fiddly to make. At one point, you really need four hands to make it work, and even Martha messed up a sheet of gorgeous faux-bois oilcloth in the process. The resulting bowl is attractive and shallow enough to appeal to a small dog. It unfolds completely to lie flat, so it would pack well. I’m just not sure it’s worth the time and trouble, but check it out for yourself.

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