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Accidents happen: Keeping your pet’s carrier clean with DryFur inserts

You may balk at paying $6 for each of these inserts, but they do their job perfectly. The idea is that if your dog has an accident in her carrier, a pad will absorb the pee and you can whisk out the soiled pad and dispose of it. Previously, when traveling by plane, I’d put an unscented wee-wee pad under the padded insert at the bottom of Chloe’s carrier, and another on top. In went Chloe, and immediately the top wee-wee pad bunched up, sort of underneath her, but mostly towards the back of the carrier. I kept my fingers crossed, but without a lot of hope, that if she did have an accident, she’d have it where the wee-wee pad was.

Enter the DryFur insert, which is padded but stiff (so it can’t bunch up, but is still pleasant to lie on), has flanged edges that raise up to contain any pee that runs sideways before the absorbent pad can do its job, comes in a variety of sizes (one of which will be close enough to your carrier’s size), and is disposable. Assuming your dog doesn’t have an accident, the pads last for a very long time (unlike a wee wee pad, which bunches up and tears, and pretty much has to be replaced after each trip).

Yes, they’re expensive, but I’m a convert, especially after accidentally dumping a substantial quantity of ice and ice water into Chloe’s carrier on a recent trip. As promised, the DryFur insert soaked the spill up rapidly and completely, leaving the pad surface dry.

[8/16/11 I’m updating this because a reader sent me a good idea you should hear about: Put one DryFur insert on top of the padded “floor” of your dog’s carrier, and put another one underneath it, so that if the top one gets soiled, you can throw it out and move the stored insert into its place.]


  • AM

    Hi Mary-Alice, we used the Dryfur pads on a recent cross-country plane trip. While I can’t say for sure that our dog had an accident in his carrier, I am pretty sure I caught a whiff of pee at one point and then the scent disappeared! I am guessing the DryFur absorbed it immediately. At any rate, having the pad in there certainly gave us peace of mind. Thanks for the tip!

  • I’m so glad they worked for you! Thanks for the report — I’ve only spilled water on ours, so it’s good to hear that they punish pee too.

  • Bonnie

    Hi Mary Alice,

    Thank you for providing excellent information on pet travel. I will be traveling by car with Sheridan, my kitty, from Baltimore to Wyoming and then returning to Baltimore by air from Denver. I am purchasing the large Sturdibag that you highly recommend. I also plan to purchase the DryFur pads. What size do you use inside your sturdibag. It seems like the small or the medium could work. Thanks for your help.


  • Hi, Bonnie! Thanks so much, and thanks, too, for your patience. Each time I went downstairs to check the package, I forgot my task by the time I got to the basement. Argh!! It turns out that the Medium is the size that works best in the large SturdiBag. Good luck with your trips with Sheridan! I’ve only flown once with one of our cats, Otto, but it went well — I hope everything’s as smooth and peaceful for you two!

  • Lorie

    The medium size dryfur pad is too big for the large sturdibag. You need to purchase the small size (blue) for the large sturdi-bag.

  • Hi, Lorie — They both work, but I like the medium (yellow) size better because the flaps along the edges come into play, bending upwards. That way, if your dog has an accident, the upturned flaps catch and corral the pee stream (inevitably, there’s a delay in absorption — I don’t want that loose urine rolling out of the carrier before the Dry Fur mat has a chance to soak it up).

  • Ivanka

    I just saw this post. I am flying with my little pom pup to Europe in two days and would love to use the Dryfur Pet Inserts, but there is no time to order online at this point. Does anyone know if they are sold in any stores? I live in DFW, Texas. Thanks for the great info, by the way. The blog is great and has been invaluable when planing this 20 hour trip with my little puppy.

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