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Traveling by SeaPort Airlines with a small dog

I don’t know about you, but I find the drive to Portland from Seattle endless, even though it really takes only about three hours. I much prefer the train, but Amtrak doesn’t allow dogs on board (see Dog Jaunt’s earlier post about Amtrak). A happy alternative is SeaPort Airlines, which operates Pilatus PC-12 turbine aircraft between Seattle (Boeing Field), Portland, Astoria, Pendleton and Newport, OR.

SeaPort’s pet policy conveys the impression that dogs are not allowed in the cabin:

SeaPort Airlines accepts domestic pets so long as they are in an approved carrier. The maximum weight of any animal must not exceed 40 lbs. The fee for the transportation of any animal is $35 and is in addition to any other applicable excess baggage fee. Animals not accompanied by a passenger will be treated as cargo, and cargo rates will apply. At no time will animals be treated as carry-on baggage.

In a phone conversation, however, I learned that dogs under 40 lbs., in a carrier, are welcome in the cabin. There is no underseat space to stow a dog, so she will be strapped in to a seat next to you. There is a $35 fee.

A quick flight, having to arrive only 15 minutes before your scheduled departure, easy parking — it all sounds good to me. SeaPort’s website currently provides basic information about the airline; for schedules or reservations call 1-888-573-2767.


  • pet-health-pro

    How are guide-dogs for the blind handled? I suppose they will have to travel as a cargo as they are usually weighing over 40 pds (Labs, Retriever, GSD etc.).
    Thanks for the interesting information provided on your blog!

  • Thanks for your comment! Our dog is too small to be a service dog, so I hadn’t looked into the question. Now I have, and a SeaPort representative has told me that “The policy is the same for guide dogs as it is for a small dog. It must be in a crate and not loose in the airplane. There is space behind the last seat where the crate can be stored during flight and our staff would be glad to assist with entering and exiting the plane as needed.” The happy news is that SeaPort’s planes do not have a cargo hold, so your service dog will travel in her crate just behind you, in the main compartment of the plane. Hope this helps!

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