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Travel book review: The City Dog series

There are ten of these guidebooks currently available new on Amazon, covering the following areas: Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, NYC, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. There is also an additional volume called City Dog: Hotels & Resorts for You and Your Dog.

So far, I only own the one for NYC (2005 edition), and I used it fairly heavily during a recent visit to friends in Greenwich Village. The things I liked most about it were its convenient size; the quick reference summaries at the beginnings of each geographic section; and the info it provided about emergency pet transport in the city. The part that I found maddening was the absence of a map in the front showing how the authors had divided up the city. Even our hosts weren’t quite sure where their part of Greenwich Village fit into the available regions, so it’s not just a problem for tourists.

A number of the entries were also out-of-date (the store Fetch has closed; Wagwear now has a retail store), but that’s only to be expected from a 4 year-old book, and served as a reminder that you should call or search online to confirm crucial info before setting off across the city for a store or dog park.

I’m keeping an open mind, and when I’ve read others in the series I’ll report further.

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