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SHOLDIT travel scarf: Alternative way to stow stuff you’ll need while flying

It’s a problem I’ve been writing about since I started this blog: Travelers with pet dogs are typically limited by airlines to a pet carrier and a small personal item (or, more rarely, to a pet carrier and a carry-on), and once you’ve stowed your pet under your seat, there’s typically no room next to her for anything else — so either you spend your flight, especially a turbulent flight, looking hopelessly up at the overhead compartment or you come up with some way  … Read more

Interstate health certificate, shot record, international health certificate, pet passport: Sorting out the documents

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about how Alaska Airlines has changed its pet travel policy to require a health certificate for travelers with in-cabin pets. That was newsworthy because for the past several years, no major U.S. airline other than Hawaiian had that policy. Health certificates are, and (essentially) always have been, required for crated pets traveling as baggage/cargo, but for in-cabin pets they were a thing of the past — so much so that there was  … Read more

Reader’s report: Sleepypod Air (and Olive!) on a United 737-900 plane

This started out as a post on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, but reader Marie kindly agreed that I could repost it here on the blog, where it wouldn’t scroll away. Olive is a cross between a Sealyham Terrier and a Connemara Jack Russell Terrier (officially, a “Heritage Connemara Jack Russell,” part of a project to ensure the survival of the Irish Jack Russell). Marie bought the Sleepypod Air (here’s my review of it) in the dark chocolate color — very pretty,  … Read more

Reader’s report: Large SturdiBag on a Southwest 737-700 plane

Here’s another photo to share with you of a large SturdiBag in position under a plane seat, thanks to reader Kathy. She posted a message this week on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, telling me that she’d taken Theodore, her 13 year-old Toy Poodle, on his first plane flight, and all went well — and she was extra-relieved, because Theodore is “a delicate little guy.”

They flew on a Southwest 737-700 series plane, in a middle seat, and Kathy bought the large  … Read more

Flying with an in-cabin dog: More considerations in choosing a seat

This post was inspired by a comment on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page from reader Genny, who recently traveled with Eva, her Papillon, from Seattle to Michigan and back. She mentioned that although everything went smoothly, Eva did try digging through the bottom of her carrier during one take-off. That rang a bell with me, because on the past dozen or so flights we’ve taken, Chloe has scratched vigorously at the “door” of her carrier during take-off. Since she settles down  … Read more

SCOTTeVEST Travel Vest: Carrying all the stuff you can’t get to in the overhead bin

A long time ago, I told you about my love for the Filson Travel Vest, and how it improves flying with an in-cabin dog. You stow all the gear you’re likely to need during flight in its vast pockets, and you’ll never miss your purse or backpack, out of reach in the overhead compartment. Normally, of course, you’d put your bag with that essential gear under your seat — but your dog is there, so you can’t. Or perhaps you’d  … Read more

Traveling by plane with an in-cabin dog: Carrier on lap during flight or not?

In an earlier post, I suggested that you pull your dog’s carrier out from under the seat in front of you and put it on your lap, after takeoff and before landing. I think the physical contact helps Chloe, and I certainly find it soothing. Southwest’s new pet policy set off alarms, however. On Southwest flights, your pet’s carrier must remain under the seat in front of you for the entire flight. Do other U.S. airlines have this same requirement?  … Read more

Traveling by plane with an in-cabin dog: Simplify boarding

In an earlier post, I talked about boarding a plane with your dog: When you get to your seat, extract from your Small Personal Item the things you’re likely to need before the seat belt sign goes off (book, pillow, iPod, water, collapsible bowl, dog treats, etc.), and stow your dog under the seat in front of you.

In practice (and I’ve been practicing a lot recently), this is really time-consuming and awkward, especially if you’re traveling alone, or if your  … Read more

Southwest Airlines changes pet policy

Southwest Airlines announced today that customers can begin purchasing tickets on June 1 for their dogs or cats, for in-cabin travel on flights starting June 17, 2009. This makes Dog Jaunt happy, since Southwest had been our favorite airline until we began traveling with Chloe.

Here are the highlights of Southwest’s new pet policy: The airline will only accept dogs and cats for in-cabin travel. Call Southwest to make a reservation for your pet, after you have booked your own travel. Up to  … Read more

Taking a small dog on a plane: How it works

Chloe came from a breeder just outside San Diego, so the very first thing we needed to do with our new dog was fly with her from San Diego to Seattle. I went online for instructions, and found a lot of general advice but nothing detailed. Here are the details I wished for then. [Please check out my 4/30/10 guest post on Fido Friendly’s blog about flying with an in-cabin dog for a newer, and slightly more organized, version of  … Read more