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Small but well-stocked: I Love My Cleps pet store in Paris’s 9th arrondissement

My thanks to reader Joan for this recommendation — she saw my recent post about Moustaches and BHV La Niche, two major pet stores in Paris’s Marais neighborhood, and mentioned that she’d found a good pet store near her Montmartre apartment last year. Off we went to check it out, and I was delighted with what we found.

The shop is at the corner of the rue Rodier and the rue Condorcet

In its compact space, I Love My Cleps contains  … Read more

Reader’s report: Clever ID tag idea for traveling dogs

Reader Sarah added the following comment to a blog post I wrote in the early days of Dog Jaunt, about ideas for ways to keep your dog’s ID current while you’re traveling:

“I use for inexpensive ID tags (less than $4). I set up an email address on gmail that I include on the tag, in addition to phone and address. When an email is sent, it automatically triggers a chain of communication with me and my husband to let  … Read more

Possible calming tip for your traveling dog: D.A.P. dog collar

Chloe does not like taking off or landing in a plane, and when she’s in a hotel room, she’ll bark if someone knocks on our door or a nearby door, or if she hears a dog barking. In the grand scheme of things, that’s not bad at all. It does, however, make morning room service rounds a tricky time for all of us, and I don’t like to feel her shiver during takeoff and landing (I reach down and pat  … Read more

Readers’ pet travel tips: Road trips and plane flights

For Dog Jaunt’s last giveaway, I asked people to enter by leaving a comment with a pet travel tip. After years of getting (and posting) e-mails from you guys with your reports from the road, I knew that you have ideas I’ve never thought of — and sure enough, the giveaway entries were splendid. They’re there in the comments, but they’ll get lost, so I’m posting them here, where I can tag them, and where other readers can easily find  … Read more

Product review: Rain Collar rain jacket for small dogs

This was an impulse purchase. There was a rack of these folded-up rain jackets near the counter at one of our pet stores, the price was right (about $12), and, frankly, I’m a sucker for gear. Too often, my what-the-heck purchases turn out to be WTF purchases, but not this time.

The Rain Collar folds into its own pouch, which snaps around a leash, or around your dog’s collar. Here it is on Chloe’s leash, just below her snap-on poop bag carrier.

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Another Stunt Puppy leash

After I published a post about a collar and leash I bought from Stunt Puppy, I was contacted by Stunt Puppy’s Ken Goldman, who very kindly sent me a replacement leash. The Everyday Leash for Smaller Dogs arrived today, and here’s what I think: Once again, this is a well-made and well-designed product, but it too isn’t meant for a really small dog.

Extended to its full length of 64″, the Everyday Leash is certainly long enough to walk a dog Chloe’s  … Read more

Stunt Puppy collar and leash

I just received the Everyday Collar for Smaller Dogs and Utility Leash I ordered from Stunt Puppy, and I love everything about them except that neither works for a small dog. Both products are well-designed and well-made. The leash clip — unlike the thumb-latch clips you see so often — cannot accidentally open if your dog’s collar turns just so, and it’s on a swivel, so the leash doesn’t kink. The strap is waterproof and, according to Stunt Puppy, odor  … Read more