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Reader’s report: Scoop law sign from Amsterdam, and living with a pet in the Netherlands

Reader Melissa kindly sent me this shot from, I think, Amsterdam (you’ll see why I think that in a moment):

“Niet op de stoep” means, I now know, “not on the sidewalk” in Dutch. You see similar warnings elsewhere in Europe, and they’re just so baffling. Who can predict when their dog will feel the urge to purge? It seems more sensible to acknowledge that sidewalk poop happens, and to address, instead, the issue of picking it up and  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel photos wanted!

This week’s photo was taken last October in Amsterdam’s Oosterdok area, and I just love it. I don’t know for sure, but it looks to me like this dog is living on a houseboat — which prompted me to look for Oosterdok houseboats you can rent. Here’s one: The M.S. Atalanta has recently been redecorated and looks absolutely charming. I wrote to the owners, Brad and Marieke, and they told me that they welcome house-trained dogs on board. How soon  … Read more

Photo Friday: Dog travel pictures wanted!

Happy New Year! Today’s photo is from a beloved metal/biker bar in Amsterdam called the Excalibur, and was taken in 2009 by Flickr photographer singingbeagle:

Please send me links to your favorite dog travel photos! Here’s how it works:

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If  … Read more