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Dog-friendly hotels

Scraps: Notes for a future Asheville, NC trip

This post should probably be an entry in Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page, since it’s just a couple of ideas for a future, more thorough Asheville visit, but Facebook entries scroll away into oblivion, and blog posts don’t. Please (please!) feel free to add your own Asheville notes and ideas in a comment, for other travelers with dogs.

I spent a little time in Asheville, NC last week en route to, and returning from, a session at Penland School of Crafts. I  … Read more

Couchsurfing with your pooch

About a week ago, fellow blogger Gigi Griffis posted a link on Dog Jaunt’s Facebook page to a post she’d written about traveling with her pup Luna in the Flanders region of Belgium. She mentioned that they had “couchsurfed” in Ghent — that is, they found a place to stay through the peer-to-peer site CouchSurfing. When I looked at the site in 2010, there was no way to search up front for pet-friendly homes (though you could generally see if  … Read more

New York City dog-friendly hotel: MAve Hotel (Flatiron District)

We have a favorite dog-friendly NYC hotel, the Hotel Wales on the Upper East Side, and we have dear friends, too, who would welcome Chloe and us to their apartment, but if we stuck with those options, where would this blog be? Taking one for the team, we experimented with a new hotel in the Flatiron District, called The MAve Hotel (and yes, the odd capitalization is deliberate — the hotel is on Madison Avenue).

It’s at 27th and Madison, in  … Read more

Hudson, NY: A dog-friendly holiday weekend

We could have hustled right down to New York City after my niece’s graduation ended last weekend, but instead I organized a couple of nights in Hudson, NY, about an hour south of Albany. The draw had been Olana, artist Frederick Edwin Church’s gorgeous 19th c. home and grounds, which I’ve long wanted to visit (the grounds are dog-friendly — pack a tick collar! pack whatever tick protection your vet recommends — ours, it turns out, recommends Frontline+, feeling that  … Read more

New Haven, CT dog-friendly hotel: The Study at Yale

I hadn’t been back to New Haven since I graduated twenty-five years ago, so I wasn’t surprised to learn that there was a new (ish — it opened in 2008) place in town to check out. What did surprise me was that it was one of only two attractive dog-friendly choices downtown, the other being the Omni Hotel (which is a bit too corporate-glam for me). Happily, The Study at Yale is a sweetheart of a hotel, and I can  … Read more

Photo Friday: Maia and The Lafayette Inn (Easton, PA)

Last fall, reader Dolce sent me some great photos and information about a vacation she and Maia, her Yorkie mix, had taken on Cape Cod. She kindly followed up with a message about a weekend trip to Eastern Pennsylvania — not the easiest part of the world in which to find a good dog-friendly hotel, but she did, and here’s her report.

Dolce and Maia in front of The Lafayette Inn

“We ended up in Easton [about 65  … Read more

There is Nothing Like a Dame: America’s grandest hotels, and their pet policies

This post was inspired by an article in the November 2011 issue of Vanity Fair, entitled “Americana Resorts: Revisiting America’s historic grand hotels.” They’re pricey — oh, heavens, yes — but they’re fabulous, and many of them open their doors to pets (generally small ones, but The Point, The Broadmoor and the 1886 Crescent Hotel & Spa have no weight maximums, and The Grove Park Inn and The Stanley Hotel welcome fairly big dogs). Here’s the list:

The Point (Saranac Lake,  … Read more

Nashville’s Drury Inn & Suites: A pleasant surprise

I had never heard of the Drury Hotel chain before this Christmas. I just knew that I had to spend two separate nights near the Nashville airport, and when I looked at the pet-friendly hotels in the area, the Drury Inn & Suites was not only top of the list, but it also ranked #4 of 143 hotels in Nashville.

I have to admit, it doesn’t look like much as you’re arriving. It’s in a row of modest, airport-type hotels (La  … Read more

Priceline, Hotwire, Last Minute Travel, Hotel Tonight: Not for travelers with dogs

[5/6/13 Things have improved a bit since this post was published: Priceline’s Express Deals feature now lets some travelers with pets (owners of a single, small dog) find hotel bargains.]

This, sadly, is a short and depressing post. You’ve seen the Priceline ads, no doubt — heck, I’ve seen them, and I don’t watch TV — and you, like me, love the idea of getting a last-minute hotel deal. But it turns out that if you’re traveling with a pet dog, you can’t  … Read more

Reader’s report: Dog-friendly Sheraton Hotel in Bellevue, WA

Bellevue, to the east of Seattle, across Lake Washington, is starting to steal a little of Seattle’s thunder. If nothing else, the parking is better on the east side of the lake, and the new-ish Bravern mall is the closest the Puget Sound area gets to glam. And being on the east side, it’s close to Microsoft and Google, and a host of smaller companies. I was happy, therefore, to get a report from reader Jennifer about her recent 4-day stay  … Read more