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U.S. airline policies re pets checked as baggage/cargo

I provide this chart more for completeness than anything else, since most Dog Jaunt readers have small dogs that can travel in-cabin with their owners (and will therefore want to consult this chart instead).

The following information has been collected from the airlines’ published pet policies, supplemented (in some cases) by telephone inquiries. It was last updated on April 15, 2013.

For each airline, I have provided a link to the airline’s pet policy. It is a good idea to print out a copy of your airline’s policy, so that if a dispute arises with a ticketing or gate agent, you will have the actual policy to refer to (not the agent’s potentially faulty memory of the policy).

AirlineChecked pets ok?Minimum age?Largest kennel?Weight limit (pet + kennel)FeeReservation needed?Cargo shipping available?
Alaskayes8 weeksSeries 500 ("only accepted on Alaska Airlines flights 001-2999")150 lbs. (heavier pets must travel as cargo)$100yesyes
Americanyes8 weeksSeries 500 (not on MD-80s or Boeing 737s)not stated$175 (in the Americas); $150 (to/from Brazil); elsewhere, ask Reservationsnoyes
Continentalsame as United----------yes
Deltayesnot statedSeries 500 (Series 700 as cargo only)not stated$200 each wayyesyes (Series 700 max)
Hawaiiannonot statedSeries 400 (B-717 planes) or Series 500 (B-767 and A330 planes)70 lbs. (heavier pets must travel as cargo)$60 (within Hawaii), $225 (elsewhere)yesyes
Sun Countryyes8 weeksSeries 700100 lbs. $199 per flight segmentyesno
Unitedno8 weeksSeries 700 (except Series 500 on Boeing 737, United Express aircraft and some narrowbody aircraft)250 lbs.varies by weight and destinationyesyes
U.S. Airno----------no
Virgin Americano----------no