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Traveling by car with a dog

Essential dog gear to keep in your car

Here is a list of the dog gear I keep in the car for everyday use — some of these items are Chloe’s regular car equipment (like her car seat and a window shade), and some are things I’ve needed when a quick trip to the dog park turned into an unexpected afternoon away from home.… Read the rest

Traveling by car with a small dog: How it works

Last weekend, Chloe and I flew to Chicago to meet my oldest niece, just finishing her first year at college. I rented a minivan and we filled it with my niece’s stuff and drove to Minneapolis-St. Paul. Chloe and I had driven together before for two or three hours at a time, but that was in my own car, equipped with Chloe’s beloved Snoozer Lookout, and leaving from our own driveway.… Read the rest

Honda Element: The dog-friendly version

This will appeal to owners of bigger dogs than Chloe, but I can’t resist telling you about Honda’s dog-friendly Element. It was shown to reporters at the New York Auto Show, and includes a built-in ramp for access to the trunk, a fitted dog bed in the trunk area (complete with safety restraints, a fan and a spill-proof water bowl), washable seat covers, and an adorable paw logo on the side of the vehicle.… Read the rest