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Newsletter #2 out today: Chloe’s Clicks and squeaky passport toy giveaway

Chloe’s Clicks is up, but only for Dog Jaunt newsletter subscribers! It’s not too late, though — sign up for the newsletter anytime over the next week (before 11:59 pm PST on Monday, Aug. 26), and I’ll send you the current issue plus you’ll be automatically entered to win the goofy giveaway. Remember the squeaky passport toy Ralph the Cavachon was holding in a Photo Friday picture? I tracked one down, and will give it away to a randomly-selected subscriber:

"It's a dog's world" indeed (sorry about the glare!)

“It’s a dog’s world” indeed (sorry about the glare!)

I’m posting back issues of the Dog Jaunt newsletter on the blog (scroll down and click on the middle box at the bottom of this page), but only as the next newsletter comes out, so folks who aren’t subscribers will have to wait until September to see the August newsletter (and they’ll miss the giveaways).