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Photo Friday: Chloe and Lake Washington

We love to travel, but not so much in the summertime, when Seattle is perfection itself. Why would we leave? This photo is of Chloe enjoying the view from Capitol Hill over Lake Washington, the body of water just east of downtown Seattle.

Chloe’s short, frankly, so she needed the extra height my husband’s lap provided to see past the trees.

The big building above Chloe’s ears is the reconstructed Husky Stadium at the University of Washington, and if I were sitting next to you I could point out the peak of Mt. Baker, one of our friendly neighborhood volcanoes (the other one you can see from Seattle is, of course, the mighty Mt. Rainier, but it’s in the direction Chloe’s looking).

Hope the weather is being kind to you and your furry buddies! If you have pictures to share from your outings, please e-mail them to me — we’d all love to see them.

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