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Pet relief area at Milwaukee’s General Mitchell International Airport (MKE)

Milwaukee’s Mitchell Airport has a pet relief area (well, after a fashion, as you’ll see), but you would never know it from the airport’s website and signage. There was nothing in my usual sources about MKE’s pet relief area, and the airport’s information desk is just a collection of brochures and maps. I ended up picking up the white courtesy phone and throwing myself on the operator’s mercy. Here’s what I learned.

When you arrive at MKE, make your way to the baggage claim area. Orient yourself so you’re facing the airport roadway, exit the terminal, and turn right. If the weather is grim, and you want to walk inside the terminal as long as possible, the exit nearest the pet relief area is Door 5. The official pet relief area is a patch of lawn at the end of the terminal — you’ll see one end of it as you walk down the sidewalk, and when you reach the corner of the terminal, you’ll see the ubiquitous green pole holding poop bags and a small trash bag.

This is a panorama shot, so it's a bit misleading -- but I do love my panorama app. The green pole is to the right of the flagpole base.

And that’s all there is, folks. No fence, no bench, and certainly none of the extras your best pet relief areas have, like a source of water. The pet relief area is — as is so often the case — right next to the official smoking area, so if you’re smoke-sensitive, you may prefer to cross the airport roadway to this patch of grass you’ll find in front of the parking garage.

From where I took that panorama, this area was to my left, across the airport roadway

MKE has plenty of grassy spots, in fact, including some at the other end of the terminal, if you get turned around and head to the left instead of the right. Be sure to bring your own poop bags with you, or pick one up from the official area’s green pole, if you choose an alternative option.

This post is part of an ongoing series of reviews of airport pet relief areas we’ve visited. To see others, visit Dog Jaunt’s handy guide to airport pet relief areas.


  • Gery Osowiecki

    funny – Alfie and I just transited through Milwaukee, I snapped some photos, and was about to email them to you…

    In our case we took the escalator down to baggage claim, then turn 180 degrees, walk out of the building, crossed the street and turned left… We continued past the airport security office, and a terminal building that appears to be under demolition… We found some interesting trees and a fire hydrant, on a nice grassy area near the International Arrivals Building, and a nice sidewalk that extended all the way to the airport exit – (our outbound flight got delayed and the TSA area was empty so we took a nice long walk)… This being Milwaukee – it’s hard to tell what the condition of the sidewalk and the grass might be after the snows arrive…Since Alfie refuses to allow me to put on his bootzies, I try to avoid the Snowbelt in winter…

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